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Fit For An Autopsy - Absolute Hope Absolute Hell

Fit For An Autopsy
Absolute Hope Absolute Hell
by Branislav Stanojevic at 28 October 2015, 8:48 PM

FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY is USA based Death Metal/Deathcore band founded somewhen in 2008. Lyrically bonded around corruptive politicians, manipulative mainstream media, government surveillance, mass shootings, clean water shortages, religious warfares, climate change and many other social issues they released “Absolute Hope Absolute Hell” by the first days of this month.

When I say Death Metal what is the first words that comes on to your mind? Is it brutal? Or perhaps vandal, feral, or maybe gore? Which ever word you'd choose you wouldn't be mistaken when comes to FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY; don't get me wrong, none of my words appear to be judgmental. To combinate Core-ish sub within well known Death Metal is sometimes a heck of a job for musician, no matter who they might be. As we all know aggression Death Metal brings by itself, and then being witful towards Deathcore, that slight, minor difference (in breakdowns) for the first; we sometimes loose that scale, that diversity genres and subs should differ one from another. Here, this specific band is basically having one, the same verso of aggression delivered via two almost exact patterns.

What if I told you this whole album seems as one huge buck of water; it has its density, its volume and the amount but when you spill the half of it, it's freaking the same (water, nothing else, nothing changes). Yeah, maybe you won't understand it, but see it this way – there's no hecking or almost none freaking difference that divides one song from another. I can and I will admit there are 4 songs I was fond of listening and repeating – the melody is fantastic, the combination, blend of melodic riff that over-run breakdowns and fill the lay into a unit; each of the 4 has it. “Absolute Hope Absolute Hell”, then “Ghost In The River”, 8th one in the playlist “Hollow Shell”, or the 11th oneSwing The Axe”- each and every has it's own vibe, its own story that overreaches other chapters of the “Absolute Hope Absolute Hell” album. For example, the introduction part of “Out To Sea” is just amazing, the tapping at the exiting point of the song, everything is awesome but the vocal part and second (breakdown) guitar – too common and boring, sorry. Number 9 could easily be your drill, the deal you could bring yourself upon the star, your star, but only if you stop following already seen pattern in Deathcore.

Overall, album has its ups and its flows, but in my ears that needs more diversity, more of your personal touch and less borders (patterns) and limits that someone have posted somewhen.

3 Star Rating

1. Absolute Hope Absolute Hell
2. Wither
3. Saltwound
4. Murder In The First
5. Storm Drains
6. Ghost In The River
7. Mask Maker
8. Hollow Shell
9. Out To Sea
10. False Positive
11. Swing The Axe
Will Putney – Guitar
Pat Sheridan – Guitar
Josean Orta – Drums
Tim Howley – Guitar
Shane Slade – Bass
Joe Badolato – Vocals
Record Label: Good Fight Music


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Edited 07 June 2023

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