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Fiur - Elementa / Refugium

Elementa / Refugium
by Craig Rider at 21 December 2019, 7:50 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: FÌUR; unsigned/independent, hailing from the glory of Germany - performing Melodic Black Metal, on the debut album entitled: "Elementa / Refugium" (released October 10th, 2019).

Since formation in 2018; the soloist in question has only this here debut album in his discography so far entitled: "Elementa / Refugium". 8 tracks ranging at around 45:59; FÌUR arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Melodic Black Metal developments. "Fìur" begins the record; starting off with a agonizing howl, conveying amplified adrenaline and boistrously bouncy harmonies. Implementing a barraged frenzy of flamboyantly composed elements, distinctive craftsmanship of ritualistic mayhem & meticulous rhythms thunder with solidly quintessential virtuosity. Showcasing monstrously meaty songwriting musicianship, while progressed with uniquely vehement versatility. Packing punchline foundations, blistering fretwork & distinguished attributes of immersively immense detail.

Consisting of Tobias Jäpel who performs on everything; the singular frontman demonstrates gnarly, high-pitched lungs…pipes of throaty snarls & shrieking savagery. "Strom" embellishes on experimental finesse; forging complexly dynamic dexterity, rapidly swift nimbleness & rawly rough ramifications of atmospheric Black Metal melancholy. Harnessing an infectious dose of crunchy bass audibility, diversely hybrid dimensions of variable tremelo melodies & potently vibrant soundscapes while manifesting rambunctiously riveting substance. "Orkan" organically shreds with rip-roaring gallops, chugging chaos & an impressively fluid outŕe of steely panache. Pulsating with thumpy yet moody ambience, doomy raspiness & rich styles of typical old school Scandinavian traits of the second wave of Black Metal that veterans should recognize immediately.

"Grund" articulates in conceptual storytelling seamlessness, eeriely haunting darkness & blackened grooves smother the sound production with mighty weight. Prodegiously wondering with razor-sharp stability, venomously spitting out momentously primitive malignance & profusely robust snappiness. Revolved around a quirky slab of salubriously sonic pursuits, volatile precision & steely subjugation. "Anstieg" is a 9:34 endurance of engaging composition, stompy powerhouse pummelling & wildly rushing techniques that supply persistent overarchs of persevering malice. Mid-tempo surges speedily shine with trailblazing yet adventurous abilities, adroitly and consistently rumbling with ruthless pandemonium that sparks sinister malevolence while transistioned with jumpy yet killer lacerations.

"Gipfelsturm" fashionably contrasts with more extreme firepower, enriching empowerments and energetic expertise. Distilled into a diligently dominating grandure of passion, professionalism & remarkably talented potential. Portraying symphonic terror, sophisticated rattling & walls of noisy remedies that scatters this spectrum with excelling executions. The penultimate song: "Refugium" quakes with more splendid material which establishes fierce ferocity; converged with the majestically mystical vortex of whirlwind riffs, rhythmic zest and mellifluously euphonic hymns inventively embraced with the chiselling bombardment of berserking rage. Overall concluding "Elementa / Refurgium" with the finale 2:06 instrumental: "Zur Nacht"; I am compelled to say that FÌUR certainly delivered a fantastic performance of blisteringly hammering creations.

Bottom line; Tobias definitely excelled himself with just working all by himself on such a project, I always like to respect soloists more so because of the dedication in crafting a difficult array of art. An enjoyably entertaining discovery for sure that fulfilled with extraodinary enlightenment, bravo - good sir.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Fiur 4:03
2. Strom 5:20
3. Orkan 6:24
4. Grund 7:09
5. Anstieg 9:34
6. Gipfelsturm 4:26
7. Refugium 6:54
8. Zur Nacht 2:06
Tobias Jäpel - Everything
Record Label: Independent


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