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Five Finger Death Punch - F8 Award winner

Five Finger Death Punch
by Jojo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton at 20 March 2020, 3:01 PM

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH have released their new album "F8" on February 28th 2020 under Better Noise Music. The new album has an awesome 16 fresh new songs to swing your hair to. That’s an album worth spinning! So FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH are a band from Los Angeles & Las Vegas combined. The band who formed in 2005 have previously released 8 studio albums, 1 live album, 1 compilation album, 21 videos 1 EP & 30 singles, so they are a band who like to keep busy! FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH’s first album release was “The Way Of The Fist” back in 2007 and now in 2020 we have the brand new album “F8.” In 2012 Jeremy Spencer won the Revolver Golden Gods award of best drummer, in 2014 it was Chris Kael who won the award for best bassist & in the same year, the band won the award for song of the year for “Lift Me Up.” Over the years, the band have been nominated for a shitload of awards & won a total of 22 of the award nominations they were put forward for. This to me shows that FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH are a band who bring Modern Metal to the forefront of the scene & they make a big mark on the metal world with every new release.

Now I will go over a few of the songs from the 16 track album “F8.” We open the album with the title track “F8,” which is a smooth instrumental only piece of music. It brings the classic 5FDP guitar riffs & drum beat that tells us the rest of the album is going to be worth the wait! The next song is “Inside Out” which is classic FFDP but at the same time, it’s a brand new sound & sweet new lyrics & rhythms that are truly worthy of head banging to. The lyrics are deep & tear the heart open. “Living The Dream” is song number 4 and it opens with some light guitar riffs and heavy drums thrashing in a great beat. This gives way to the amazing vocals of Ivan Moody bringing in that much loved voice to give the song that unmistakable FFDP sound. Song number 7 is “To Be Alone.” The song is hard hitting & brings us a vision of an unhappy state of mind, where you feel alone & you need a friend but there’s no one around. “how does it feel to be alone?” The lyrics are hard hitting & raw, giving the song a sharp edge. Song number 9, “Darkness Settles In” is a song that opens with a more gentle, softly played & sung with a nice tempo that sounds comforting but the lyrics again make you feel like there has been a sort of abandonment somewhere & again, loneliness creeps into the lyrics. The type of song that makes you want to wrap yourself up in a cosey blanket just to feel the warmth & to heat your soul.

Scar Tissue” is song number 12 on the new album “F8” and is a song that you could see being the one that starts a mosh pit at a gig or festival, it’s raw & intense like the other songs on the album, it’s a song that makes you think deeply about the things and people you have in your life. “Making Monsters” opens with a hell fire raised set of drum rolls and is followed by the guitar riffs swinging in & finally the vocals coming to complete the song. It’s a catchy number that I have been swinging my hair to as I listen, which I need to stop doing just now so I can type lol, that's how catchy it is. The music is on point & the vocals just take you to a FFDP cloud in the air where you just feel like you’ve got to just flow with the music, this song has a fucking quality instrumental section that gives me shivers cause it’s so intense. “Making Monsters” closes the same way it opens, with the drums giving it large. Excellent tune! We close the fantastic new album “F8” with song number 16 “Inside Out (Radio Edit.) Obviously it’s a little more PC and has the clean cut edge for radio play. The song is on the album twice, once as song number 2 & again with the radio edit ending the album. Either version of the song can be pointed out as the highlight of the album, a song that makes you want to learn the lyrics to so you can sing along! It’s a great song to close a great album by a great band!

Overall I rally have immensely enjoyed reviewing FFDP new album “F8”. I am a big fan of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH as it stands, and the new album has blew me away! I can honestly say the band have yet again written, recorded & produced a fucking cracking new album! I can see this album obtaining the band some new awards to add to their ever growing collection. The songs are written well, the music is crystal clear showing FFDP’s unmistakable style & the vocals from Ivan are absolutely perfect, showing the band are just bringing us new album after new album with this jam packed album you have 16 songs to spin on your CD player or streaming service. It’s a high quality album which MUST be listened to for you to appreciate the fine work the band have put in to bring us this incredible music. I have absolutely no complaints about “F8” at all, it’s a sweet album & I think FFDP fans will embrace the new album with loud volume & repeat plays. I certainly will be listening to the album a few times! I have really enjoyed reviewing this album & look forward to seeing FFDP one day hopefully at a festival like Download on the main stage. If not, when the worlds a safe place again & virus free I hope the band will perform a UK tour & I hope to see them live in Scotland. They are high on my hit list of bands to see as I have seen videos of their live performances & they look like they put on a great stage show. I’d like to hear the new album played from the stage as I swing my hair from the front row.

Songwriting 10
Musicianship 10
Memorability 10
Production 10

5 Star Rating

1. F8
2. Inside Out
3. Full Circle
4. Living The Dream
5. A Little Bit Off
6. Bottom Of The Top
7. To Be Alone
8. Mother May I (Tic Toc)
9. Darkness Settles In
10. This Is War
11. Leave It All Behind
12. Scar Tissue
13. Brighter Side Of Grey
14. Making Monsters
15. Death Punch Therapy
16. Inside Out (Radio Edit)
Ivan Moody - Vocals
Zoltan Bathory - Guitars
Jason Hook - Guitars
Jeremy Spencer - Drums
Chris Kael  - Bass
Record Label: Better Noise Music


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Edited 14 July 2020

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