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Five Horse Johnson - The Taking Of Black Heart Award winner

Five Horse Johnson
The Taking Of Black Heart
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 07 January 2013, 2:08 PM

You know how it is when waiting for your favorite band's new album? There isn’t a any rule or thumb of the time that bands release a new album after the last one but you got to agree with me that 6 years is a long long time, so when I heard that FIVE HORSE JOHNSON are releasing a new album I started to jump up in Happy Happy Joy joy song (you know "The Ren & Stimpy Show").

For you guys that live underground fearing a nuclear holocaust, FIVE HORSE JOHNSON are Ohio based Blues Rockers, FIVE HORSE JOHNSON have earned a reputation for crafting their own brand of top quality hard Stoner Rock, they have been together since 1995, there last album was out on 2006, FIVE HORSE JOHNSON plays Bluesy Hard Rock with Stoner influences and many Harmonica touches, this style doesn’t appeal to a large audience however it does appeal to me.

Out of the starting line “The Job” gives a clear indication to the amazing style that the bend plays, riffing along site the Harmonica, it’s epic, the song itself uses classic Stoner riffing and the heavy low pitch vocal sound of Eric Oblander. “Keep On Diggin’" takes the Stoner Southern style to new horizons with a Western and even Country style, the combination of all three styles is don’t superbly, and it’s a great preview for “Black Heart Baby” that turned out to be a classic Southern Rock style song.

The best song on the album for me was “Beating In My Hand” Stony riffing with deep low vocals makes this song the best. Honorable mention goes to “Hangin’ Tree” and “Shoot My Way Out” with amazing riffing and Stoner tempo and pinch of Southern seasoned Hard Rock. Jump out of the album style is “You’re My Girl” with that start with the classic FIVE HORSE JOHNSON sound however changes immediately to some kind of LED ZEPPELIN meets Southern Rock blaze. Nice songs however kind of stray from the album genre, maybe some kind of a tribute, sure will be happy to know why and how.

Overall, FIVE HORSE JOHNSON met my expectations and more, even if there main audienceis Stoner and Southern Rock fans I urge any Metal and Hard Rock fan to listen to these guys, they have been prodiving a fresh sound to the mix (yes and don’t forget clutch).

4 Star Rating

1. The Job
2. Keep On Diggin’
3. Black Heart Baby
4. Mexico
5. Beating In My Hand
6. Quick On The Trigger
7. Smash & Grab
8. Hangin’ Tree
9. You’re My Girl
10. Shoot My Way Out
11. Die In The River
Eric Oblander– Vocals / Harp
Brad Coffin– Guitar / Vocals
Steve Smith- Bass
Phil Durr- Guitar
Eric Miller- Drums
Record Label: Small Stone Records


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