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Fixion - El Principio Del Caos

El Principio Del Caos
by Crisstopher Robyn at 06 May 2019, 4:21 PM

FIXION hail from Montevideo, Uruguay, formed in 2002 as a band project of Daniel Cesar. Their personal style fuses Rock, Metal, Classical and Electronic music. They have performed shows with SIRENIA, LACRIMOSA, THE 69 EYES and THE SISTERS OF MERCY. With four albums released, three of them being nominated for "Best Metal Album and Hard Rock" at the Graffiti Awards. The group has a very impressive background with acknowledgments, so let us check their new album “El Principio Del Caos” or “The Beginning Of Chaos” out.

El Princiio Del Caos” takes us into a trance with the intro seemingly inspired by a horror movie. The keys give an extra oomph with the guitars and drums. What I really love about the first track is the bass guitar. It isn’t buried underneath everything else and gives an extra groove to the power riffs. The vocals are beautiful but I cannot understand exactly what the story is. All in all the first track is really good. “Lobo Blanco” is the third track and gives us more of this dark transient aura already established by the band. The guitar crashes against the drums like a wave onto a barren beach. Again the angelic vocals of Fer-O Smith soothe you and help you relax. Again I wish I were bi-lingual and could really feel the words of the song.  The fourth track, “Cruel Es la Luz,” starts off with more of a grooving beat and with the added keys, the sound resembles EVANESCENCE or FOREVER STILL. Fer-O Smith's vocals certainly match the tones given by both lady-fronted bands. The verse slows a bit and lets the bass and keys lead the guitar and drums into the heavy chorus. The song itself is mixed very well, and the production so far is wonderful.

Quemando El Mundo” is worth mentioning since it holds Daniel Cesar taking more of the vocal duties. It gives a twist to the middle of the album and surprises you. Of course, Gabriel Soria helps out with some backing and chorus vocals. The song is more of a faster pace and holds more an early 80’s sound. It is a very well layered out track but has you missing the angelic sounds you heard in the previous tracks. “Estimulo Perfecto” is the ninth track and I really had to talk about this one. Immediately I am thinking LACUNA COIL with the music itself. Yet again, Gabriel Soria's vocals come in softly but reach higher peaks throughout the song. The piano is slightly hidden under the pounding drums and the heavy guitars. It doesn’t hold the sound back as the piano tends to get its own small solo near the end. Once you listen to the song again, you can hear the piano more clearly. Again, it is another masterfully crafted song on the album.

FIXION is definitely a great band to listen to. There are a couple songs I did not feel fit very well, but overall the craftsmanship of Daniel Cesar is put on display. With the added artists of the band, I can see why they have been nominated so many times. Maybe this year will be the year they win. It certainly sounds like it. The only downfall I feel with the album is the lyrics sung entirely in Spanish. I really do wish I had taken that foreign language in high school now. I am not taking anything away from the talents of Fer-O Smith, as she is a really great singer. Her vocal prowess is shown all throughout the album. I always want to understand the message conveyed by the band and when I cannot, it takes a bit away. In this case, it isn’t very much taken away.  FIXION are a really great band, and I hope they may spread their wings more and let more of the world know just how good they really are.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. El Principio Del Caos
2. Permanente Imposible
3. Lobo Blanco
4. Cruel Es La Luz
5. Quemando El Mundo
6. Eterno Girar
7. El Equilibrio
8. Estimulo Perfecto
9. Viajeros Perdidos
Fer-O Smith – Vocals
Daniel Cesar – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard
Guille Albano – Bass
Seba Etchecopar – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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