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F.K.U. - Where Moshers Dwell (CD)

Where Moshers Dwell
by Grigoris Chronis at 18 August 2009, 11:58 PM

Mixing relentless moshing Thrash Metal with some Freddy Krueger horror-teria is something you don't come across every day, right? Sweden's F.K.U. (stands for Freddy Krueger's Underwear) has been around for twenty years (still, their official debut album, Metal Moshing Mad, was released just in 1999) while their most recent activities included the 7 split release with American maniacs HIRAX in 2008. Now inking deal with Italy's Metal On Metal label it's about time for their newest creation, Where Moshers Dwell, to rise from the grave.
Originality is not the hot spot for this band, but what F.K.U. delivers is done properly. A merged mix of OVERKILL, EXODUS, D.R.I., NUCLEAR ASSAULT (the press release was 100% accurate!) and WITCHERY, dressed up with some moshing spice and a thick slice of horror atmosphere, Where Moshers Dwell reveals a rather vivid side of these Swedish metallers. This album features a lot of intros/intermezzos (instrumental or not -with movie excerpts or not) in order to build up a certain atmosphere and does successfully put you in the picture when it comes to American 80s Thrash influenced music. Tons of bridges, 'mosh dance' parts, enough speed where applicable, the familiar high quality of Sweden when it comes to performance/production and- in general some interesting pieces of music willing to shove some thrashin' attack up your ass.
Speed/Thrash Metal made in Sweden; not a part of the revival widely seen the last years, I'd insist. F.K.U. equally -as pre-said- split their aim for metallic lunacy and lustful terror (even if I'd wish for some more addition in the 'terror' part) and the fact that they're considered to be 'old dogs' in the Metal business  seems to lend a helpful hand in order to avoid sounding naive or childish. I'm pretty curious to see if they can combine both of their natures onstage but, as far as the studio deeds concern, Where Moshers Dwell surely has the ability to smash your brain if you decide to give in.
Trying to separate the 'strictly music' part -as if the album had 8-10 normal songs in total- it's doubtful if the same atmosphere would be created. The demonical furious vocals, the non-stop riffing and the vicious drumming would result in the same malignant consequence but the concept/cinemascope vibe behind this album adds some credit. F.K.U.'s newest release is a nice addition to your discography, if you're into 'moshing' Thrash/Speed Metal the American way. Rest assured 'bout this, while spending time with the luxurious comic strip inside the CD booklet.

P.S.1: Why did I bring Canada's 80s zombie eaters EXORCIST to mind right now?…
P.S.2: Horror and humor is not mles away, at times. Horns up for F.K.U. in this field, too.

3 Star Rating

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Where Moshers Dwell
Twitch Of The Thrash Nerve
Faster Than The Shark
The Pit And The Poser
Dead Coroner
Almost Metal
Hate Your Guts (Love Your Brain)
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Sleepwalker Texas Ranger
He Knows The Drill
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Horror Metal Moshing Machine
Highway To Horror
Larry Lethal - Voxoholic
Pete Stooaahl - Axeoholic
Pat Splat - Bassoholic
Dr. Ted Killer Miller - Drumoholic
Record Label: Metal On Metal Records


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