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Flageladör/Axecuter - Headbangers Afterlife

Headbangers Afterlife
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 01 April 2017, 10:34 AM

In the times we are living now, some aspects of the past are back. One of the most interesting is the use of the Split albums, those with two bands sharing the space of a vinyl or CD. This practice is still a very good strategy, and some of these split albums are very good, as this one, “Headbangers Afterlife”, where you’ll find two names from Brazilian scene: FLAGELADÖR from Rio de Janeiro, and AXECUTER from Paraná. Both of them focus their energies in making Metal styles in the old school ways.

FLAGELADÖR makes something that can remind the reader of a mix between MOTORHEAD and SODOM, or in other words, that primordial form of Thrash Metal from the 80s with great influence from Hardcore. AXECUTER uses a more aggressive insight, following a more Black/Thrash Metal orientated sound in the vein of DESTRUCTION in its previous works and SLAYER from “Show No Mercy” era. Both bands are not creating something different or new, just doing their music in their own way, and this is something different, because even using clichés, both do interesting works. The bands use an old school outfit for the sound qualities, with FLAGELADÖR being a bit rawer, while AXECUTER has a drier and defined sound quality. But their mistake is something modern could make their work even better. When I said modern, I say something like TOXIC HOLOCAUST and BEWITCHED use: a sound quality cleaner, but without tearing apart the old school feeling.

The Split CD starts with FLAGELADÖR four songs. They do a good job in not copying anyone, but being influenced by the bands I named above. Singing in Brazilian Portuguese, they can be understood here, having their best moments on “Terceira Guerra Mundial” (a short and blunt song, with very good guitar riffs), the catchy “A Canção do Aço”, and on their personal version for “Filhos da Bomba”, an old song from Brazilian Rock ‘n ’Roll/Blues man CELSO BLUES BOY (R.I.P.).

AXECUTER closes the Split CD with another four songs. They use English to express their lyrics, and “Attack” (with very good tempos and a fine work from bass guitar and drums), the “motorheadian” scent presented on “Creatures in Disguise” (very good musical arrangements from bass guitar), the excellent and slow “Medieval Tiranny” (with good vocals and guitars that will unleash violent headbanging), and their version for KISS“Gimme More” (that sounds rawer and aggressive in their own way) are the band’s better moments. A very good Split CD, but a better sound quality for both can make their music fly high.

Originality: 6
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. As Intermitências da Morte
2. Terceira Guerra Mundial
3. A Canção do Aço
4. Sangue Negro, Alimento das Bestas
5. Filhos da Bomba (Celso Blues Boy cover)

6. Attack
7. Creatures in Disguise
8. In for the Kill
9. Medieval Tiranny
10. Gimme More (Kiss cover)

Armando Exekutor - Vocals, guitars
Turko Basura - Bass
Hugo Golon - Bateria


Danmented - Vocals, guitars
Rascal - Bass
Vigo - Drums
Record Label: Mindscrape Records


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