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Flagellation - Incinerate Disintegrate (CD)

Incinerate Disintegrate
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 08 June 2007, 2:50 PM

I was not aware of Last Entertainment's existence until a while ago, when I got to review an album by a band called MACHINERY (which was a pretty good work). This time the story gets more interesting since one of FLAGELLATION's members is an ex member of MACHINERY and the band belongs to the same label. Do they play the same music, too? The word 'Sweden' definitely rings the bell.
FLAGELLATION was formed in 1997 in Stockholm, Sweden. This means that this band is older than MACHINERY. I searched in order to find out some stuff and the only thing that happened is that I was confused more. Lindstrom is supposed to be an ex-member of MACHINERY (according to a site) and an ex-member of FLAGELLATION (according to the same site). The only thing I know is that he is mentioned in both bands as a member. Anyway, after a demo release in 1998, Incinerate Disintegrate is the band's first official release.
This CD is an EP release and that is probably the reason it features only six songs and its duration is approximately 21 minutes. So, the involvement of members that are featured in bands that are better known than FLAGELLATION made me think I would have to face at least a decent release. And that's what it is actually. A bit more than decent. FLAGELLATION's approach to Death Metal avoids mediocrity but it was not able keep me interested for a long time. One of the members of well-known bands I talked about previously is Marcus (drummer) who also plays in INSISION. FLAGELLATION seems to be a bit influenced by INSISION and that is more because of Jonsson's style of playing that resembles to his other band. The production was done at Black Lounge Studio (SCAR SYMMETRY, INSISION) and the result is pretty good. I do not agree with the influences that are mentioned in the band's Myspace page since I don't think that FLAGELLATION has any similarities with EMPEROR, DEATH or STRAPPING YOUNG LAD. Even though there are some melodic solos, the only thing that is left is the brutality.
As said before, the band manages to avoid mediocrity, but it just stays on top of it. I do not want to be so harsh since it is not even the band's debut album. I would like to wait to see a full-length release by FLAGELLATION. From what I listen to in Incinerate Disintegrate…

3 Star Rating

Rendering The Apocalypse
Chaos In The Flesh
Threshold To Madness
Purified By Fire
Incinerate Disintegrate
Vast Desolation
Per Lindstrom - Vocals
Daniel Cannerfelt - Guitar
Teddy Moller - Guitar
Jacob Anderson - Bass
Marcus Jonsson - Drums
Fredrik Klingwall - Keyboards
Record Label: Last Entertainment Productions


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