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Flammea - A História do Flammea (Dark Brain/First Scream) Award winner

A Historia do Flammea (Dark Brain/First Scream)
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 18 February 2017, 6:38 AM

In Brazil, along with all that was happening in Europe and USA, we saw the coming of a good and great generation of Metal bands. Some were coming from Brasília, the capital of the country, and some bands with women appeared on the second half of the 80s, as VOLKANA and PxUxS, these two with recorded albums. But there was another one, as good as other bands, called FLAMMEA, unleashing Thrash Metal with influences from traditional Heavy Metal and even Hard Rock. But even being notorious, they never released an album, due the extreme difficulties of our economy back in those years. But as an act of justice and destiny, here is “A História do FLAMMEA (Dark Brain/First Scream)”, that means “The History of FLAMMEA”, a collection of their Demo Tapes and one rehearsal.

It’s a compilation of their two Demo Tapes (“Fist Scream”, from 1993, and “Dark Brain”, from 1991), and one rehearsal from 1990. The energy and from their songs are still evident, as the elegant outfit due the Heavy Metal influences. The Hard Rock elements can be noted on the strong and catchy choruses (a specialty of the band). After hearing this album, you’ll understand why some of us here say “why in the blazes no label released their work, back then?”. The sound quality is not good, but you must remember: these recordings were done on the beginning of the 90s, and in Brazil, there weren’t great resources or great producers of Metal. We were still crawling as babies. But the quality is good enough for us to understand and these women were about with their music.

The artwork is really good, with pics and all the information we need to know some aspects of their work, and their great difficulties as well. But even today, to hear the songs from as “Blinded Eyes” with its excellent guitars and catchy vocals and chorus; the slow and bitter “Out of Sight”, the aggressive “Scream of Sadness” (an invitation for slamdancing, showing very good work from bass guitar and drums), the oppressive and introspective “Fucking Bastard” (contrasting melodic slow moments as a ballad, and the aggressive ones, showing their musical versatility), the shocking tempos of “Fear” and the both versions for “Dark Brain” (one from 1993, and the other from 1991) is an amazing experience. And the raw aggressiveness from the rehearsal songs “Out of Sight” and “Fuckin’ Bastard” can make the mind of the old Metalheads go back in time.

The better part: “A História do FLAMMEA (Dark Brain/First Scream)” marks a new beginning, because they are back to the front! I truly hope that they record their album now, because good music knows no time.

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 6

4 Star Rating

1. Blinded Eyes (“First Scream” Demo - 1993)
2. Out of Sight (“First Scream” Demo - 1993)
3. Scream of Sadness (“First Scream” Demo - 1993)
4. Fucking Bastard (“First Scream” Demo - 1993)
5. Fear (“First Scream” Demo - 1993)
6. Dark Brain (“First Scream” Demo - 1993)
7. Out of Sight (rehearsal - 1990)
8. In Front of the Mirror (rehearsal - 1990)
9. Dark Brain (“Dark Brain” Demo - 1991)
Ananda Martins - Vocals
Luciana Boas - Guitars
Rosane Galvão - Bass
Ana Lima - Drums
Record Label: Rock Brigade Records


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Edited 06 June 2023

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