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Flash Before My Eyes – Whispers from the World Award winner

Flash Before My Eyes
Whispers from the World
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 10 December 2014, 3:20 PM

Personally, Ol’ Big Daddy here thinks that all efforts done in the right direction can really breed great results in everything in life. In music is not different, and when we hear some albums, of course we can feel the musicians efforts. And in the case of Italian based quintet FLASH BEFORE MY EYES, from Rome, that unleash a great musical work on “Whispers from the World”, their first album.

They play a special and personalized mix between modern Metalcore with Progressive influences, and lots of good melodies arising in the middle of a chaotic musical mass of harsh vocals (with some clean voices appearing sometimes), great guitar work, technical and heavy rhythmic basis, in an explosion of abrasive and brutal music, but full of technique and introspective melodies. It’s nothing as new as some can thing, but please, think you all: these nephews of mine are on their first album, and in such high level, the future can bring us great surprises.

Having the mixing done by Andrea Taddei (one of the band’s guitarists), and mastered by Marco Calanca and Daniele Ingrati, we can really hear all the instruments loud and clear, in good tunes, but be calm: the weight of the tracks is guaranteed! The entire album is a killing form of music, having its best moments on the abrasive and chaotic “For the Earth We Speak” (prepare your ears for an assault of great technical work from both guitars and vocals), “Transient” (with a more introspective feeling amongst the brutal grasp done by bass guitar and drums, with excellent tempos), the excellent “Whispers from the World”, “Outcry” and its more the technical and aggressive approach (having as special guest Garrison Lee from ERRA), “Veritatem Vir” and a great and catching work done by the vocals, and “The Journey”. And it seems that their lyrics are about preservation of our planet. A good theme to work in this time we are living now.

These Italian nephews from Ol’ Big Daddy here are in the right direction, and with some evolution, they can render great musical fruits to us all.

4 Star Rating

1. Our Wealth
2. For the Earth We Speak
3. Vacuum
4. Transient
5. Whispers from the World
6. Humanity
7. Outcry (feat. Garrison Lee of ERRA)
8. Veritatem Vir
9. Slice of Life
10. The Journey
Giorgio Girelli – Vocals
Andrea Taddei – Guitars
Daniele Di Pasquale – Guitars
Matteo Tognocchi – Bass
Lorenzo Coluccia – Drums
Record Label: Myo Agency


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