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Flashback Of Anger - Terminate And Stay Resident

Flashback Of Anger
Terminate And Stay Resident
by Yngwieviking at 26 August 2014, 10:20 PM

FLASHBACK OF ANGER is a six piece Power Metal band from Italy. Their first CD, the Dirk Schlächter’s produced “Splinters of Life” (LMP) was released in 2009, and it received an lot of interest, a good reponse, and even an acclaimed approval out of the small circles in the community of Metal experts!

After a long break FLASHBACK OF ANGER makes their return to the circuit with easily their strongest effort. Indeed this brand new album enigmatically entitled “Terminate And Stay Resident”, is another strong proof of their instrumental mastery (“Mother's Soldier”), while keeping all their typical trademarks just like on their debut. The band once again manages to create a slice of fierce Melodic Power Metal, with a new density in the structures and a tight focus on the subtle harmonies!

A major improvement was made in the vocal department, singer Alessio Gori uplifted his performances to a brand new level of scale. In fact his new singing method seems much more efficient, (“Power Play”/”False Idols”) much more personal and diverse. Vocally the cherry on the cake is the Fabio Lione’s (RHAPSODY OF FIRE/VISION DIVINE) guest spot in the energetic track “Black Prince” .

Except for the sublime appoggiaturas ballad “My Angel” embelished with a string quartet, each track is more or less based on the same Powerful scheme. FLASHBACK OF ANGER’s “Terminate And Stay Resident” should be considered as a must have for the starving fans of SECRET SPHERE / LABYRINTH / OVERTURES or TRICK OR TREAT, and everything crafted in this specific spaghetti Method : speedy / melodic / bombastic / heavily orchestrated, and keyboard dominated .

Sometimes a feeling of deja vu is present (“The Great Fire”) but the recipe is so well played that I cannot make a valid reproach to their faithful and orthodox approach…This pure Melodic Power Metal…Love it or leave it!

One of their best songs is at slot number four,“Don't Let Me Fade”, a tribute to their former bass player Francesco Masini who passed away three years ago, after a long battle against the damn crab. It’s a real Prog-Metal song prototype with a great rise transition and a strong hook under an emotional meaning obviously tragic!

Nothing really new or groundbreaking but a solid output, “Terminate And Stay Resident” is an entertaining and interesting piece, avoiding the cheesy side of the genre, of course the clichés are still numerous (“Gynophobia” or ”Hiroshima & Nagasaki”) but the fervent supporters of STRATOVARIUS & GAMMA RAY will surely enjoy this…So, please stay awake!

4 Star Rating

1. Mother's Soldier
2. False Idols
3. Gynophobia
4. Don't Let Me Fade
5. The Great Fire
6. Black Prince (ft. Fabio Lione)
7. Shattered Promises
8. My Angel
9. Hiroshima & Nagasaki (Is This Mankind)
10. Power Play
11. Black Prince (Original Version)
Alessio Gori – Vocals
Giulio Cercato – Guitars
Antonio Sigismondi – Drums
Emanuele Giorgetti – Keyboards
Gianmarco Lotti – Guitars
Andrea “Tower” Torricini – Bass
Record Label: IceWarrior Records


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