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Flaw - Divided We Fall

Divided We Fall
by Craig “Thrashing Assault” Rider at 23 March 2017, 11:02 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I'm proud to present to you: FLAW; signed via Pavement Entertainment, hailing from the United States of America, performing Nu-Metal/Alternative/Rock - on their 3rd album entitled “Divided We Fall”. (released on August 19th, 2016)

Since formation in 1996; the quintet in question have 2 albums behind them, I'm introduced to their 3rdDivided We Fall”. Implementing the Nu-Metal aesthetic with an Alternative/Hard Rock perspective - the quartet showcase a distinct formula in their intricately designed balance of these sub-genres in place. 11 tracks of uniquely compiled distinctions; formulates obvious influences from Nu-Metal bands such as SLIPKNOT, STONE SOUR and DISTURBED. Songs like “Fed Up”, “Do You Remember” & “Fatal Fall” shows off Chris Volz's very similar range to that of Corey Taylor & David Draiman, almost immediately in his own particular way. The instrumental musicianship from Jason Daunt & Tommy Gibbons, also on guitar, exemplifies complex and dextral riffs while powerhouse Jeff Dickie on bass & Skyler Martin on drums pummel with an elegant sound production; upholding memorable and originalities greatly.

Live And Breathe”, “Choices” & “Wipe Away The Dust” clarifies the above aforementioned influences, yet while I can see the Hard Rock sub-genre implementation…I hear mostly just experimental Nu-Metal. However, the band performs with prominent adroitness in their efforts to delivering proficient technicality profusely. While admittedly the mentioned sub-genres aren't my preferred choice in a stimulating fix; I can at least tolerate and recognize quality performances in rhythmic clarity indefinitely. “Blood Red”, “Let Me Go” & Heal” are the next exerts in this adventurous journey – keeping the galloping pounding in check, enlightening vocals, enticing songwriting and fulfilling jams structure at a amassing yet powerful front…constructing elegant composing with an interesting and distinguishing characteristic at their disposal, very diverse and dynamic ranges fuel this portion of the album.

Concluding “Divided We Fall” with the final 2 tracks, “When You Grieve” & “My Letter”, which consist of pianist elements in the latter; I can't help but say that FLAW are your typical Nu-Metal band who consistently provide that aspect with adaptivity in mind. Personally; I enjoy a solid slab of technical modern Metal that while I probably won't be returning to this product, I certainly urge SLIPKNOT & DISTURBED fans to check it out as soon as possible.

Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 7
Originality: 6
Sound Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Fed Up
2. Do You Remember
3. Fatal Fall
4. Live And Breathe
5. Choices
6. Wipe Away The Dust
7. Bleed Red
8. Let Me Go
9. Heal
10. When You Grieve
11. My Letter
Chris Volz - Vocals
Jason Daunt - Guitar
Ryan Jurhs - Bass
Corey Sturgill - Drums
Record Label: Pavement Entertainment


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