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Flayed - Symphony of The Slayed Award winner

Symphony of The Slayed
by J-F “Thrashing Assault” Briard at 11 February 2015, 2:09 AM

It's been a while since I had so much fun listening to a new album. French band FLAYED's did something really special with “Symphony for the Slayed” and I wouldn't be surprised if someday they become really big! While having a really strong retro vibe, it still feels fresh and inspired overall. Renato's has that rough singing voice that every good rock vocalist should have and all the instruments blend perfectly in.

As soon as we hear the synth/organ on the beginning of Sweet Coverage; we can instantly hear that awesome 70/80's rock vibe, with some very catchy chorus that sets the tone for the whole album. Old Manners is more frantic and energetic, while Don't Cross my Property is more hard rock; the main riff is simply badass and the solo is marvelous. Son of Sickness is a heavier track with faster and more menacing riffs. The solo really surprised me however, as it mimics almost perfectly the main theme of the video game “Super Mario Brothers” which is a cool cameo! Superhero seems like a calmer and simpler track, but the solo is really freaky and interesting. The title track, Symphony for the Flayed, is a Rock-Blues track from the get-go and a memorable song with excellent use of the synths. Never Unleash my Hand has an incredible lead guitar work at the beginning, but unfortunately, the chorus really don't work out and just feels plain weird… one of the only lesser track, unfortunately. Upside Down has that crunchy and laid-back guitar riff at the beginning, good stuff. “Machinefun” is okay I guess, but maybe a bit uninspired, as there is nothing that grab my attention really. “Free Mind” starts off as another amazingly good Rock-Blues track, but there is also an awesome synth solo alongside the main riff, so there is some progressive elements as well. There is also heavier/angrier parts, where the singer almost sounds like Philip Anselmo from PANTERA.

This album is definitively a must for fans of old school Rock, Hard Rock and Blues. Really, FLAYED's debut album is exceptional; it has a lot of variety and qualities, with only two mediocre songs. I really enjoyed it and I find very few faults to it overall! It really shows how much fun they had when recording this!

4 Star Rating

1. Sweet Coverage
2. Old Manners
3. Don't Cross my Property
4. Son of Sickness
5. Superhero
6. Symphony for the Flayed
7. Never Unleash my Hand
8. Upside Down
9. Machinefun
10. Free Mind
Ju - Guitar
Rico - Guitar
Charly - Bass
Raph - Hammond Organ
Renato - Vocal
Jean-Paul - Drums
Record Label: Klonosphere Records


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