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Fleetburner – Fleetburner Award winner

by Will Travers at 02 November 2020, 12:23 PM

Concept albums are a bit like marmite. You either love them, or you hate them. Personally, I’m normally a fan, there is just that extra dimension delivered through the telling of a tale through music, pictures are painted with sound, my mind is stimulated and I can easily just lose myself in the flow of a record.

Today we have the initial release from FLEETBURNER, I hasten to add that this has been two years in the making. As we follow the lifeline of our protagonist through the trials and challenges that he faces. I cannot wait, so let’s begin.

The album artwork is a solemn affair, with a lone figure standing on a ledge. This in its self starts to raise question, who is the mysterious person, what are they doing and what brought them there? I am sure that all will be answered in the music.

Opening the album is “The Land”. The dulcet and melancholy tones drift into the listeners ears, telling the tale of a trouble child, before the tempo increases and seemingly, carnage ensues. The record then moves through “The Beach” with ebbing and flowing intensity, at times the serene atmosphere absolutely smashed, but in a way that is beyond pleasurable. “The Breakwater” ends the first quarter of the release with a renewed intensity, the brutal riffs and untiring rhythms smash together in the most fitting manner, however, a calm comes over the music with a very peaceful piano interlude that takes us calmly into the next chapter.

The journey continues with “Open Water” a succinct mix of calm and troubled the perfect mix to describe the open ocean, as it is well documented as a harsh mistress. “The Fleet” is an epic track, encompassing all facets of good music, intensity, depth of sound, intricacies and subtleties that just create an awesome overall sound. Now we have come to the midpoint of this odyssey. “The Passenger” is just another stellar track, which seems to be the ongoing trend throughout “Fleetburner”.

In all honesty the second half of the album flew by in a blur. I was transfixed and riding on a wave of aural ecstasy. The melodies and harmonies transporting me in perfect synchronisation. I could see the stories playing out below me as though I had an eagle eye view. The rich and impactful vocals telling the tales like the bards of old.

But, could I really be surprised? When one looks at the artists involved with this masterpiece and the rich, varied musical knowledge and experience that each one of them bring to the table it was only going to go one way. The perfect blend of many sub genres, Melodic Death, Black, Prog and Doom all came together and delivered to us one of the standout releases of the year.

I take my hat off to all those involved in the production and release of this record, from the artist producing the cover, to the person fetching the coffee in the studio, the in house artists of the band and those featured artists, and all those in between, this is a true work of art that you should all be immensely proud of. In the darkness of 2020 there was a light, and that light was called FLEETBURNER

Songwriting – 10
Originality – 10
Memorability – 10
Production – 10

5 Star Rating

1. The Land
2. The Beach
3. The Breakwater
4. Open Water
5. The Fleet
6. The Passenger
7. The Deck
8. The Course
9. Below The Waves
10. The Deep
11. The Endless
Ken Simerly – Vocals
Kevin Storm – Guitar
Veli-Matti Kananen – Keyboard
Peter Iwers – Bass
Thomas Mycklebust – Drums
Record Label: Butler Records


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