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Flesh Made Sin - The Aftermath Of Amen (CD)

Flesh Made Sin
The Aftermath Of Amen
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 25 July 2009, 10:23 AM

I always wanted to check these guys out, but when so many albums come out you just don't have the time or just forget about various artists. Their new (?) album The Aftermath Of Amen is probably a really good chance for me to get in touch with their music and see if I missed anything all these years. Let's what you are made of FLESH MADE SIN (by the way, cool name, huh?).

The Dutch Metal band was formed back in June 1999 and after a short time entered the studio to record the first demo release Scenery Of Death. Even though they are an entire decade around this scene, this is only their second full-length work and I am not even sure if it was released recently, since I came across a 2008 version of this album by their old label Karmageddon Media (so I guess it is a re-release by their new label).

What does FLESH MADE SIN mean? It means what some people say Metal thrashing mad! I was expecting a much more brutal band, something closerto the Dutch Death Metal sound, but the quartet amazed me with its fucking furious shredding (the band's riffing is definitely their most destructive weapon) and relentless Thrash outbreaks. Only a few (really few) Black/Death elements are here, just to drive monotony away and give you a nice WITCHERY meets SKELETONWITCH combination that will crush your bones and leave you begging for mercy. The harsh vocals by Twan make the whole thing sound a bit more evil and the raw yet pretty nice sound covers the band's music with a beautiful retro veil…

There is nothing that will make The Aftermath Of Amen crawl into your top 10 list or become on of your favorite releases of all time, there is nothing that makes FLESH MADE SIN's sound groundbreaking for the scene, but the feeling you get with this album is so warm and honest that it will really be a miracle if you hold yourself from headbanging!

3 Star Rating

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Twan - Vocals, Guitar
Bjorn - Guitar
Marc - Bass
Marco - Drums
Record Label: Neurotic Records


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