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Fleshgore - Denial of the Scriptures

Denial of the Scriptures
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 28 May 2016, 8:46 PM

Well, what about some Brutal Death Metal, dear nephews and nieces?

This is what you will find on "Denial of the Scriptures", the new album from the Ukrainian trio FLESHGORE, from Kyiv.

Yes, it is brutal and as musically intense as you can think, but is very good.

Sometimes they play with a good dose of adrenaline and fast as some band, but on the greater part of the album, they prefer to focus their energies in something with good technical level, and heavy and abrasive. But it does not mean that their songs lacks of that oppressive and nasty sound that every Death Metal fan loves to find on their favorite bands. That raw rush of power is presented here in every song. And besides many bands did it earlier, they have their talent and value.

The sound quality is very good, giving the band the right portions of weight, aggressiveness, and clarity to their songs that work in the due way. The low tunes used on guitars, bass and vocals are good, but could be a bit better. No, I'm not saying that their music sounds fuzzy or something we cannot understand. It's clear, but abrasive and nasty.

Done with nasty grunts (and some piggish screams), low tuned guitar riffs, a strong and thunderous rhythmic section (that shows a very good technique in some moments of the album), FLESHGORE's work is really something good.

The nasty cut called "Talk to Me About God" (with some good rhythmic changes and fine technical work from the drums), the brutally technical "Inception of Incursion" with its very good guitar riffs and nasty voices, the deep stab done with technical bass and drums works shown on "Killing Relapse", the fast and ultra aggressive "Forgotten Knowledge", the bombard of nasty Death Metal guitar riffs that we can hear on the technical "New Ordeal Comes Into the World", and the short and raw cut of "Numinosum" (with fine vocals once more on a catching song full of good rhythmic changes) can be pointed as their best songs. And as a surprise, a version of the trio for PYAEMIA's "Gorging on Mucus and Bile", and the old song from the Dutch band gained a new and technical life here, showing extremely good grunts once more.

They are good, but I personally think that FLESHGORE can do better than we can hear on "Denial of the Scriptures".

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Talk to Me About God
2. Inception of Incursion
3. Stop the Possessor
4. Killing Relapse
5. Forgotten Knowledge
6. Bloody Hands of Aggressor
7. New Ordeal Comes Into the World
8. Numinosum
9. Denial of the Scriptures
10. Gorging on Mucus and Bile (PYAEMIA cover)
Ruslan Drozd - Bass, Vocals
Igor Lystopad - Guitars
Lev Kurgansky - Drums
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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