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Flight - A Leap Through Matter Award winner

A Leap Through Matter
by Kevin Burke at 16 December 2018, 6:24 PM

When it came to writing a review of the latest, and, only second album by FLIGHT, “A Leap Through Matter”, I listened to it start to finish to get a feel for it, as I usually do, I listened to it a second time because I enjoyed it and listened to it a third time out of pure addiction, these Norwegian boys have delivered a stunning album of depth, my only disappointment was that I didn’t get to play it on vinyl and really get into the organic feel of it.

A Leap Through Matter” opens with the guitar flourishes of “Arrival”, a three-minute showcase of the band pumping through riffs, changing rhythms and launching into another direction, “British Steel”-era JUDAS PRIEST into a lash of early BLACK SABBATH and back again, classic listening with minimal effects. The technique of Christoffer Bråthen and Kristian Ingvaldsen is in full-flow as this magnificent opener segues into the space-rock of “One With The Sun”, the vocals of Bråthen are extremely interesting, not overly high, though they are unique in the framework of metal bands, perhaps reminiscent of URIAH HEAP or even HAWKWIND, which suits the trajectory of FLIGHT.

The Pendulum” is more mid-sixties soaked vocals with a strong nostalgic guitar sound, to break the themes the strong bass-runs of Jonas Bye bring us back into PRIEST metal territory again as the pumping title-track kicks off, “A Leap Through Matter” as a track is really stampeding back in time, even the production is old-school relying on very little flair only some gloss from trippy background vocals.

The drums are prominent, at times they may not be up front in the mix as the two guitars are, though Carl Christian Holm does deliver a steady head-shaking beat throughout, opening “Traveller” before his band mates cement that sound to rock out.  They flow effortlessly into “Reviving Waves” which opens with some nifty-chunky guitar with the added authenticity of feedback howls, a vortex to the past is fully opened.

This is a stellar album, it is hinged on a sound that is almost fifty-years old but that is not a bad thing, the appeal will be universal and relatable, there is originality here though and that is important to point out, especially in the stripped back approach of FLIGHT and that vocal work which is a standout and not common place in metal, no cliches no screams just solid. In the twenty-first era we live in where everything is ‘ok’ by ‘computer’ and human hands are not entirely creating the sound, it is refreshing to hear a wholesome rock band take us through their paces, we sit and wait for the next FLIGHT to liftoff again.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Arrival
2. One with the Sun
3.T he Pendulum
4. A Leap Through Matter
5. Ride On
6. Traveller
7. Reviving Waves
8. Leave the Cost
Christoffer Bråthen - Lead guitar and vocals
Kristian Ingvaldsen - Lead guitar
Jonas Bye - Bass guitar
Carl Christian Holm - Drums
Record Label: High Roller Records


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