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Flight – Flight

by Samantha “Samii” Mittelstaedt at 29 December 2015, 6:25 PM

Notorious bands like IRON MAIDEN and SAXON have influenced thousands of musicians and bands since their inceptions in the 1970s and 1980s. It’s notorious there are a thousand bands that don’t like to make a different song and just to use the same formula perfected by these bands or others similar to them. FLIGHT is one example of this. In their debut album called simply “Flight”, the Norwegian band is making the same exact-sounding album that was was made during the early days of the NWOBHM movement.

Since the artwork is very influenced by the 80’s and the line-up look, passing by the production is something easy to do. You can listen is and this is a top class production, but it’s by simply using all of the old shapes. Nothing seems to be new, original, or creative about this entire release. It seems to repeat what has already been done many times before.

Making no mistake, the line-up is very talented. They’re making an excellent and competent Heavy Metal, with determination and talent, but it’s the same formula they’re using like thousands bands made are still making even now, over 30 years after the NWOBHM movement began. They could use the shapes from the Classic Heavy Metal movement, but they have t be a little more innovative. They have to do something different to put their own mark on their form of music.That’s the main goal to a talented band that becomes something of an iconic, famous band in the future.

The songs are all sharing the same exact rhythms, and its like you are listening the same song many times over. You could think “Flight”, “As Silence Falls”, and “Don’t Lose It” are the same song just played three times over, but the only differences you notice are the choruses. Are they making a bad work? No, but the creativity is missing here. The true highlight here is the instrumental song “Nightrider” that shows all the capacity from the FLIGHT’s instrumental abilities, which are very diverse.

The Norwegians made an excellent work on their self-titled album "Flight", but is only a material to be listened when you are missing the oldies times and don’t want to listen the original NWOBHM bands. That doesn’t mean, as I said that FLIGHT did a bad job or anything. Not at all. But means they need something more to make a truly work that mark the Musical history and put their band up in the bracket of all the other famous NWOBHM bands that have come before them.

3 Star Rating

1. Flight
2. As Silence Falls
3. Lion's Den
4. Don't Lose It
5. Nightrider
6. Memories Sharp
7. Escape
8. Devil Woman
Christoffer Bråthen – Vocals & Guitars
Kristian Ingvaldsen – Guitars
Jonas Bye – Bass
Kickan – Drums
Record Label: Bad Omen Records


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Edited 05 February 2023

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