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Flotsam And Jetsam - My God (CD)

Flotsam And Jetsam
My God
by Makis Kirkos at 18 June 2001, 9:42 PM

The legendary thrash metal band has returned with their new 8th album 'My God', but they seem to have lost the spark that inspired their earlier records. To me they sound a little bit tired.

Their thrash metal is certainly well arranged and the song structures are good, while a few interesting riffs and grooves do exist in the album. But there's not that much energy in it and you always have the feeling that there is something missing from the album. The songs in the album present nothing new musically. We've heard those things before, we've heard them from Flotsam and Jetsam and we've heard them better.

Although there are a couple of good headbanging tunes in the album, there are also songs that sound indifferent. Inspiration is not something you can force and if it doesn't come naturally then the result will probably not be that good, no matter how good the production is.

Overall, I can say that 'My God' is a typical Flotsam And Jetsam album with their well-known thrash riffs and their material sound. However I think that this release is more for those who already are familiar with the sound and of course for all the fans that like this kind of music, thrash metal that is.

3 Star Rating

Dig Me Up To Bury Me
Keep Breathing
Nothing To Say
Weather To Do
Camera Eye
My God
Learn To Dance
Killing Time
Eric A.K. - vocals
Ed Carlson - guitar
Mark Simpson - guitar
Jason B. Ward - bass
Craig Neilsen - drums
Record Label: Metal Blade


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