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Flying Cupid – All Turns to Dust

Flying Cupid
All Turns to Dust
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 12 May 2021, 1:04 PM

FLYING CUPID is the solo Metalcore project of Boston/Delhi based guitarist Abhiruk Patowary, along with a slew of guest musicians, including Nathan Bulla and Lucas Mygar from INTERVALS and VEIL OF MAYA. They didn’t supply any more information in their EPK, but I believe “All Turns to Dust” is their debut full length. The album contains twelve tracks.

“Oasis” kicks off the album. It opens with some big guitar strikes, followed by both harsh and dual harmonic clean vocals. The pretty ambient passage with climbing clean guitars before the second chorus is nicely done. That guitar solo towards the end along with the Djent strikes is on fire. “Hell Beyond Beneath Paradise” begins with thick, choppy guitars and raging vocals. The clean vocals soar to heights unimagined. The melodies that follow are both intricate and pleasing to the ears. “Paradise” opens with dreamy vocals and clean guitars. The sound is beefed up with some harsh vocals, but the cleans come through strong in the chorus.

“Timelines” begins with clean guitars and ambient vocals, that lead to some heavy, thumping guitars, and then it’s back to the opening sound once more. Djent passages follow, but the vocals remain dreamy. It begins an ascent towards a crescendo towards the end, but ends on clean, warm tones. “Through the Stars” is the longest on the album. It begins with clean guitar tones and inviting vocal harmonies. The melody here is really charming. A choppy passage of heavy guitars enter, and the clean vocals give way to harsh vocals for just a spell. The little lead guitar notes ride the melody line cleanly. This was quite a pretty track overall.

“Into the Light” begins with clean guitars and some alluring background ambiance. Harsh vocals and heavy guitars come in for the second half of the verse, then cleans return in the chorus, high with guitar melodies. “United” opens with more clean guitars and the heavy thudding of bass and drums. The vocals are clean at first but a harsher passage springs up before the chorus. It ends on some Djenty notes. “Storm” begins with a heavy passage of guitars and harsh vocals. This style seems to alternate on the album. Clean vocals come in at the chorus, which is followed by a darker passage. “Purge our Lament” is a melancholy song, opening with saxophone notes, and harmonized clean vocals. It’s a sorrowful song for the most part, turning a bit angrier after the half-way mark, with thick, rich guitars. It ends with more of those saxophone notes.

“Conspiracy of Madness” is three minutes of utter chaos. Choppy guitars lay on open notes while the vocals rage in both the low and high registers. The track also features more saxophone notes. “Changes” begins with harmonized clean vocals and in comes the heavy guitar charge. Harsh vocals then take over. Lead guitar notes pepper the landscape but they are almost hard to catch if you aren’t listening for them. “All Turns to Dust” closes the album. Melodies spring forth in the beginning, over a bed of weighted guitars. Clean vocals rise above a rock of dancing rhythm guitars, before a glittering lead takes us to the second chorus, and it’s a steady pace to completion.

Abrhiruk has a wonderful sense of melody on the album. There are some heavy and hard moments as well, but he never loses sight of the melodies, and there is a nice balance between the two styles. He is also a thoughtful songwriter. 12 tracks are a lot for an album, and I never got bored. He is full of surprises. He only has 3999 followers on Facebook…please show this guy some love with this wonderful debut album.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Oasis
2. Hell Beyond Beneath Paradise
3. Paralyse
4. Timelines
5. Through the Starts
6. Into the Light
7. United
8. Storm
9. Purge our Lament
10. Conspiracy of Madness
11. Changes
12. All Turns to Dust
Abhiruk Patowary – Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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