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Foetal Juice – Gluttony Award winner

Foetal Juice
by Joseph Hausmann at 28 June 2020, 3:46 PM

FOETAL JUICE has released their latest album "Gluttony" through Gorehouse Productions on June 12th 2020. This Extreme Metal group delves you deep into the bowels of chaos before ripping you into bloody tatters with their eviscerating music, tinged with a slight bit of insanity. Aggressive, fast, and loud are just a few words that describe this insane hell ride. Pairing technical skills with powerful vocals, this album goes hard.

"Take Your Face For A Shit" kicks off the album with a blistering explosion of technical instrumentals, only matched by the powerful vocals. The multiple time and tempo changes will catch you off guard but the gritty riffs will keep you enthralled. "Septic Mollusc" keeps the chaotic pace going with some very creative drum work that keeps the song driving. The vocals are short and precise but they do not lose their intensity. The vocal ranges change drastically throughout the track giving a true sense of unpredictability of where the track is heading. The instrumentals are again on point with their heavy technicality providing an interesting blend of tones. "Manifestation Of Falsity" kicks up the insane chaos another notch. The guitars are faster as well as the vocals. The album feels like it continues to grow in intensity the further that you listen. I really like the guitar work in this track because the riffs constantly change ranges, tones, and are never overused. With the intense speed that FOETAL JUICE plays at, it would be easy to repeat most of the riffs and still make the song a cohesive track but they take it to another level by using multiple riffs never repeated consecutively, adding more depth to the track. Well done.

Just when I thought that this band couldn't play at a faster tempo, they hit me with "Venomous Domination." The ridiculous speed that this track goes is impressive. The technicality of the guitar really shows off in this track and at this pace that is also very impressive. To keep that intricate level of technical skill at this speed is something insane. To add another interesting point, the abrupt change of riffs mid track was astonishing. "Pandemonium" gives us a brief solo bass riff at the beginning of the track before exploding into an insane hell ride punctuated by viscous vocal work. The more that I listen to this album, the more impressed I become with the guitar work. It continues to get better each and every song. The end track "Gluttony" is a maelstrom of viciousness. Between the crushing instrumentals and eviscerating vocals, there are many points of interest. The instrumentals go back and forth, having almost a heavy groove feel at times and then abruptly changing to the crazy paced riffs, and then going back. The vocals not only include the main vocalist but the rest of the band as well giving the track a very evil feel. All around this track was probably my favorite off the album because FOETAL JUICE holds no punches here and goes at you with everything they got!

"Gluttony" is a great reminder of how hard it is to create a well-done Extreme Metal album. The amount of skill that it requires to create the riffs and vocals in this genre is remarkable. This album ramped up in intensity with every track before they launched an all-out aural assault on you with the last track. From the very beginning to the end, this album was great and I would highly recommend this one to pretty much any Metal fan. There is something here for everyone if you can hold on to that bullet train that is FOETAL JUICE.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Take Your Face For A Shit
2. Septic Mollusc
3. Manifestation Of Falsity
4. Metamorphosis
5. Venomous Domination
6. Worthless Delusion
7. Trepidation
8. Nether Pandemonium
9. Antagonistic Bastard
10. Carnage
11. Gluttony
12. Spirit Leech
Dez – Vocals
Ry – Guitar
Ben – Bass
Rob – Drums
Record Label: Gorehouse Productions


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