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Fog - Mors Atra

Mors Atra
by Claire Taylor at 29 March 2015, 1:01 AM

Italian Death Metallers FOG will not disappoint fans of this genre as they stick pretty close to the guidelines in regards to vocals and overall sound. This however, is certainly not a bad thing on their album "Mors Atra". Their skilful approach to Death Metal involves that classic brutal, fast and heavy sound, similar to the likes of OBITUARY, VADER and MORBID ANGEL.

With that fast-paced and crunchy riffing, deep growling vocals and insane drumming talents, you can't go wrong. Incorporating excellent solos like that of "Burn Your Sinner" and powerful face melting vocals from William Perfigli, FOG fall nothing short of an experienced and passionate five-piece, to say the least! The track which stood out to me most has got to be "Avid" as I fell in love with the chugging guitar work towards a slower approach, yet the growling vocals allow it to stay as brutal as any Death Metal band should be. The transitions in this track did the job to build up that authoritative voice once again. With dark and gloomy guitar melodies, emitting that menacing sound and murky bass lines with the occasional squeal, "The Call of Genocide" was packed with all the classic Death Metal elements.

What I particularly enjoyed about this album, was that each track was noticeably different (a problem I have with listening to undiluted Death Metal) and to me, that says a lot about the musical capabilities of the musicians themselves. "Scars of Vengeance" also stood out, possibly because of the subtleties of the drumming and shifts in pace, radiating aggression and enthusiasm. The final track "Mors Atra" built up the anticipation perfectly, starting with rolling drums then joined by perfect guitar work, producing sinister melodies.

I suppose the only down point to this album is that it hasn't really bought anything new to Death Metal. On the other hand, that doesn't have to be a bad thing as there's not always a need to modify a genre. All in all, a very decent album and ideal for fans of the bands aforementioned.

3 Star Rating

1. Mass Hysteria
2. Burn Your Sinner
3. Infecting the Weak
4. Avid
5. The Call of Genocide
6. The Sick Part of your Brain
7. Spineless
8. Scars of Vengeance
9. Mors Atra
William Perfigli - Vocals
Mattia Bonini - Bass
Giovanni Luciani - Rhythm Guitars
Michele Podda - Lead Guitars
Cristiano Pappalardo - Drums
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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