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Foot - The Balance Of Nature Shifted Award winner

The Balance Of Nature Shifted
by William Travers at 17 August 2020, 11:08 AM

Desert and Stoner Rock seem to go hand in hand with Australia. This week is no different, with the arrival of FOOT to the fore. The four piece band from Melbourne have recently released their newest album "The Balance Of Nature Shifted" through Copperfast Records.

The artwork for the album shows a city scene being demolished to a tidal wave of nature, the concrete jungle being eaten alive by the actual jungle. This is a throw to the title of the release as it is showing the shift in the balance of nature. Sorry, I couldn't quite bring myself to re write the album title for that statement, seemed a bit lazy!

The album opens with "Despair On Hope Street" and instantly the genre specific influences are incredibly obvious. Dense riffs, harmonised other worldly vocals and a relentless pounding drum line. The track follows its natural progression and flow and is accented by wonderful overarching guitar breaks that sit subtly in the background, but the track would be missing something should they not be there!

"Green Embers" leans more on the Doom stylings of Heavy Metal. Long open ended chords that create a bit of a sluggish feel, driven forwards by the heavy and constant drums. Again, the guitars have an almost celestial and overarching effect and so much to the depth of the track. I would draw your attention to the guitar break towards the end of the track, I could close my eyes and listen to this all day!

As we reach the midpoint of the album, "Investment" is an appropriate title for the track, as by this point, we as listeners are invested in the album, and it is paying back well. Driving running bass lines lethargic energy and an air of mystery surround this track.

"Break The Altar (Light Shade)" seems to air on a more Prog side of the musical spectrum, with interesting breaks, general structure and rhythm. It makes for very pleasant listening. "Neighbours" comes driving into your life with a very jungle rhythm blasting through the drums which continues throughout, one cannot help but feel the need to move to this energetic and fun track. However, I was hoping for a new twist on the theme tune for the Melbourne based soap opera of the same name.

As we have come to the final track "High" we are entwined in a Stoner's paradise. Light floating riffs and a gentle rhythm that simply flows over the listener. Giving way to heavier sections that whilst intense tie together perfectly as all facets of the band come together to deliver a powerful and memorable performance.

Overall, I would say that this is a fantastic album. I have never been a huge fan of Stoner or Desert Rock, I guess I haven't been exposed to the better sides of the genres! However, FOOT will be getting added to my playlists as I found the music to be incredibly relaxing and enjoyable!

Songwriting: 10
Musicanship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Despair On Hope Street
2. E-Sports
3. Green Embers
4. Ride It Out
5. Investment
6. Break The Altar (Light Shade)
7. Neighbours
8. Manic Progression
9. High
No Information on lineup found.
Record Label: Copperfast Records


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