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For I Am King - Revengeance

For I Am King
by Cami Kyttle at 30 August 2014, 3:55 PM

Located in The Netherlands, the new EP "Revengeance", from For I Am King is definitely music you'll want to see live. This band has one thing in particular that helps it stand out from other metal bands; a female lead vocalist.

The EP starts out with "The Haunted" which is an agressive, hard hitting song. Although it was difficult for me to understand the lyrics, it had a really good beat. Just by listening to this first track, I could tell this album would be filled with mosh pit anthems. At a little over five minutes long, the intensity was still going strong making this an ideal live show tune. Towards the end, the vocalist begins a chant which I could picture encouraging crowd participation. The band coordinated very well, including a fantastic guitar solo. In my opinion, the vocals on this song could be slightly louder. I felt there was times when they were being drowned out by the intensity of the band.

For I Am King delivers another fast-paced song with "The Beast Within." This song starts off soft and gradually gets loud, which I think was a perfect way to begin. Right around the three minute mark, the music slows down, showcasing the guitar and drums; then immediately brings the edgy, rough beat back to the listener. It was a good way to break up so much aggressiveness.

The first thing I noticed when listening to the title track on this EP, is the guitar in the beginning. It really catches the listener's ear and draws them in. This tune would be another great crowd participation song during live shows.

With almost every song being right around five minutes long, the listener is definitely getting their money's worth with this EP. I have always admired female metal lead vocalists, and this one is no different. She has power and agressiveness that brings energy to the music which I think will draw in fans nationwide.

3 Star Rating

1. The Haunted
2. The Beast Within
3. There Will Be Blood
4. Revengeance
Alma - Vocals
Wouter - Guitar
Jurgen - Guitar
Joel - Bass
Jaap - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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