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For the Imperium - Self-Titled

For the Imperium
by Vasilis Odontidis at 19 March 2012, 7:13 PM

The land of the one thousand lakes is an endless factory of Metal bands of various kinds. FOR THE IMPERIUM is a newcomer band playing a style of Metal that it is too complex to identify. Let’s just say it’s a mixture of Death, Industrial Metal and other tons of stuff in between. While achieving a very unique style of their own the record has no musical consistency whatsoever and Metal chaos is prevalent throughout each one of the eleventh songs of the album.

The first two songs have a strong dose of Metalcore. “California girl” is just ROB ZOMBIE and reminded most of “Feel so numb”. “Hero” is a tranquil ballad and totally different from what has happened as of now. “Until the End” is something between poppy with strings etc mostly fitting to a movie score. Death, Black, Symphonic stings and catchy clean vocal chorus mixed with undecipherable zombie om nom noms are part of “DieDead”. “Working Class Heroine” (a John Lennon reference ?) approximates Metalcore. “Pike River” is a mix of Punk and whatever music for games where your spaceship eliminates unidentified alien beings. “Osterbotten” is kind of a ballad but then again maybe not. “Elisa” is going on Heavy Metal paths almost until the end and finally “Seek for Help” has a strong Punk basis.

I like the sincere effort of the band to create something different and new and until one point they do succeed in doing so. To their advantage I would definitely add the playing skills and the great production. Their singer reminded me a lot in some parts of the COHEED AND CAMBRIA singer but in general he is singing in so many styles it gets weird after a while. The record is full of complexity and is hard to digest plus I think everything is overdone. I also didn’t like some random mumblings through the whole record. There were times that the record seemed to me that aims toward a specific target group of young fans (16-18 and in between). In other words it doesn’t seem that mature to me. I don’t know if that happens because it suddenly turns from overly aggressive to the smurf village full of happiness. As a final word “For The Imperium” is a strange record and it definitely requires a lot of time for the listener to understand. If you ask me I would not listen to it again anytime soon because I am not into that kind of stuff but the effort of the band is appreciable.

3 Star Rating

1. Ignition
2. Creator
3. California Girl (Born N' Raised)
4. Hero
5. Until the End
6. DieDead
7. Working Class Heroine
8. Pike River
9. Osterbotten
10. Elisa
11. Seek for Help
Hakim Hietikko- Vocals
Ville Suorsa- Guitar
Jyri Helko- Bass
Tuomas Rauhala- drums
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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