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Forbidden - Omega Wave Award winner

Omega Wave
by Yiannis Dafopoulos, Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 24 October 2010, 12:10 AM

***Yiannis D.***

At last! It was about time! I have been waiting for this album from the very first time I heard about the FORBIDDEN reunion! And damn everything looks promising! The totally old school artwork suits the band like a glove, with those skulls bringing back memories! Enough time spent for this stupid intro! Time for some real Thrash Metal fellows!

First of all, I was really hoping that the band would go on with Paul Bostaph behind the drum kit, but unfortunately something like that didn’t happen. So, with Mark Hernandez (VIO-LENCE, DEFIANCE, HEATHEN) and Steve Smyth (TESTAMENT, NEVERMORE) filling in for Bostaph and Alvelais the band is stronger than ever and releases its fifth full-length album. And by the way, don’t listen to the album like FORBIDDEN have to prove they still got. They definitely don’t need to prove anything with an album like that!

Everything is exactly as I left it! The band didn’t try to incorporate any modern or more brutal stuff like EXODUS or ONSLAUGHT did. The Californian quintet remains an authentic Thrash Metal band with murderous riffs, classic vocals (Anderson may not hit the high as hell notes like in the old days but the guy still has a throat made of steel) and a rhythm section that fills you with nostalgia with its groove and precision. It has been thirteen years since the band’s last release (“Green”) and FORBIDDEN seem to have been well prepared for this album.
Their sound actually involves all our favorite elements, convincing even the most demanding fans! Their sound retains this epic feel, and the aggressiveness of the old days, but somehow manages to sound up to date! And don’t expect these guys to show any mercy! This incredible guitar twin won’t let you catch your breath, not eve for a second! We are talking about a riff holocaust goddammit!

I couldn’t ask for anything more! The album is just incredible, the line up is filled with some Thrash Metal legends and the timing just couldn’t feel more right. In times when the scene is flooded with “plastic” bands, FORBIDDEN breathe life with this little diamond. On your knees fuckerz!


It has been a while since FORBIDDEN, once one of the strongest Bay Area Thrash acts, lifted up its head from the pits. It took them thirteen years, without counting their brief reunion visit in 2001 as FORBIDDEN EVIL, to do an official comeback with a new album, “Omega Wave”. After the “Green” album, which wasn’t that appealing, I must say that I expected this new album to be a major comeback with its the rating as their debut “Forbidden Evil” from ’88 and second album, “Twisted Into Form”, from ’90. Well, it did not quite reach the level of those two albums, but it was still notable.

It seems that FORBIDDEN took that straight line out of “Green” and into “Omega Wave”. I cannot say it is the continuance, but some of the elements that shaped “Green”, and also the prior “Distortion”, were included in “Omega Wave”. The results are more grooves - like a punch in the face of the old school, less speed like in the old days and some other features that may give the impression that FORBIDDEN employed modernity. However, in the majority of tracks, FORBIDDEN proudly announced that they almost came back to their old reflection.

Several tracks that will make your head bang are as “Forsaken At The Gates”, “Overthrow”, “Hopenosis”, “Immortal Wounds” and “Omega Wave”. Other like “Swine”, “Dragging My Casket”, “Inhuman Race” and the so unnecessary “Chatter”, are a sort of an attempt to go far beyond reach, yet, quite solid.

What also amazed me in “Omega Wave” is the production setting. When many old Thrash bands decided to restart their engines once again, it was clear that the wish to sound heavier was evident. Therefore, everyone started D-drops with strong production and the outlet is already known. Nevertheless, in “Omega Wave” everything is different. What will be presented before you is a changed setting. The creative work of Craig Locicero, Tim Narducci and  Sean Beavan  at the mix, made “Omega Wave” to sound thin, yet old presenting an old school like work. FORBIDDEN stayed loyal to their sound and that is admirable. If you are fan of old school production, especially in Thrash, you will probably like this one here.
Armed with two new members, Mark Hernandez (ex-VIO-LENCE among others and a member of the new Thrash feature DEMONICA along with his band mate in FORBIDDEN, Craig Locicero) and Steve Smyth (Also known from VICIOUS RUMORS and NEVERMORE), the band maintained the FORBIDDEN name with the honour it deserves. “Omega Wave” was highly expected and it should be as it was created by a respected band. It is a good effort, yet, not as strong as their first two.

4 Star Rating

  1. Alpha Century
  2. Forsaken At The Gates
  3. Overthrow
  4. Adapt Or Die
  5. Swine
  6. Chatter
  7. Dragging My Casket
  8. Hopenosis
  9. Immortal Wounds
  10. Behind The Mask
  11. Inhuman Race
  12. Omega Wave
Russ Anderson – Vocals
Craig Locicero – Guitar
Steve Smyth – Guitar
Matt Camacho – Bass
Mark Hernandez – Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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