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Force Majeure - Gatecrusher - DEMO (CD)

Force Majeure
Gatecrusher - DEMO
by Amy La Salla at 27 March 2005, 5:25 PM

Force Majeure are a great Metal band from Finland. Their music is melodic, fast, sometimes with a hint of goth around the edges. They are darker than traditional Power Metal, comparable to Tad Morose and Lefay in that regard.
The singer (Riku Turunen) reminds me a little of Rage For Order (1986) era Geoff Tate (Queensryche). He has an excellent range and is not afraid to use it… punctuating his songs with metallic screams, a sound I am glad to hear again! The lyrics are good and a little better than on Division Blue.
Their music is fast and uplifting, despite the sorrow tinging it. Their keyboard-work is nice and uses neat effects. They also have a good feel for when to put in a sound clip and when to leave well enough alone but Force Majeure's greatest strength is their headbangability. You would think that the gothic tinge would harm this, however, it does not. Remember, they are a Power Metal band first and gothic afterwards. I particularly like their guitar-work, which is slightly Maidenesque but less so than on Division Blue (2002 and 2003).
Right from the start, Gatecrusher is exciting, beginning with a great metal scream! The guitar-work is suitably driven, in your face and inspiring.  Gatecrusher's crunchy cyclone of guitar-work lifts your fist before you even know what you are doing! It is about breaking boundaries and achieving your dreams.
On Distant, Silent, Gone their gothic influence immediately steps out and says, Here I am with a great, eerie keyboard part. You hear the guitarist in the background and then the rest of the band kicks into this angry, catchy song. It is about death. Distant, Silent, Gone is my favorite on the demo.
I Hear Voices is a dark, groove driven song. It reminds me a little of old Armored Saint.. Despite this song's darkness, the music is fun and inspiring. Riku  shines on this one, I was very impressed. I Hear Voices can either be interpreted to be about insanity or possession.

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Distant, Silent, Gone
I Hear Voices
Riku Turunen - Vocals
Jussi Reuhkala - Guitars
Eemeli Ojanen - Guitars
Veikko Oittinen - Keyboards
Juuso Myllyharju - Drums


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