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Force Majeure - Division Blue - DEMO (CD)

Force Majeure
Division Blue - DEMO
by Amy La Salla at 21 October 2004, 8:33 PM

Force Majeure is a Power Metal band from Finland. There are two releases of this album, each with different singers.  The latest is available at their site.  Force Majeure's strength lies in their rock-out vibe.
Their music is darker than is usual for Power Metal, without losing melody or catchiness. Force Majeure romps into your ears, gives you the audial equivalent of a high five and pulls (the now quite cheered up) you into the musical parade!
The lyrics are quite good and both singers are great.  The new one (Riku Turunen) has a stronger, fuller voice and the more recent demo has slightly better sound quality.
The songs vary in length from the two minutes and fifty five second Reach Out to the well over seven minute title track. You do not notice the length of any of the songs, they all bob you along, giving you encouragement and hope until the end of the demo, which feels all too soon. I think if it lasted for five hours I would still be sad to see it end.
Reach Out is a great opener, energetic with some really great guitar work! It is about not giving in to the temptation to take the easy way out of your problems.
Division Blue is one of the darkest tracks on here. It is also my favorite from the demo. The guitar-work stomps to a beat, it sounds like they are boiling over with rage. I LOVE IT! Division Blue is about failure, being left behind and forgotten.
Planet Waves is a groove driven tune. It has very dark lyrics and waterfalls of guitar-work pushing you to the edge and over. So cool it hurts!
Force Majeure are extremely promising. Their heavy groove and headbangability make for a very enjoyable listening experience. I look forward to hearing more from these boys.

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Reach Out
The Halo Effect
Trinity (Soldier's Revalation)
Planet Waves
Division Blue
Niko Mattila - Vocals
Eemeli Ojanen - Guitars
Jussi Reuhkala - Guitars
Tuomas Vδδnδnen - Bass Guitars
Juuso Myllyharju - Drums


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