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Forcentury - Relevant

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 10 December 2012, 7:28 PM

It is has been nearly three years since the last time I listened to a FORCENTURY album, back in 2009 it was their debut album “Vanguard”. That same album introduced to the Metal world the intensifying supremacy of this ardent and talented Progressive Power Metal squad that bequeath the melodic and metallic energies of the 80s in the vein of IRON MAIDEN, HELLOWEEN and JUDAS PRIEST along with leading-edge exemplifications, some even a bit harsh, of the highest order scouring the same wastelands as PAGAN’S MIND, BALANCE OF POWER, SONTA ARCTICA, VISION DIVINE and SYMPHONY X. After “Vanguard” FORCENTURY kept on rolling and progressing, perfecting their music to sound a little more genuine than other bands of their kind and here they are with the well-produced “Relevant”, via the band’s new label Mighty Music, taking its turn as the next in line epic oriented presentation with formidable musical lines and fervent lead vocal singing in the vein of past thespian performers. So please place on your headphones, press yourself to your seat and get ready to step into something that is really relevant to your existence and the continuation of a mystifying journey not yet completed.

Frankly, I had a few doubts after my debut listening to this album. Though I came to like it right at the first spin, a majority of the tracklist seemed to be fairly good but not in manner that I would be dropped to my knees begging for more of the same. Nonetheless, following the second listening session I closely understood, as time and time again, the importance of digesting the tracks once again. That second time opened my eyes, witnessing how tight and briskly motivated this band is really is as well as their infatuation towards the classic genres of melodic Metal while not forgetting to pounce with intelligent rhythms and passages that coordinated well with the front vocals. Sure that not every track hit the spot, as nobody is perfect, but I was glad that FORCENTURY demonstrated the same captivating equanimity and performance as delivered on their debut album and this time with an even better sound and aura.

“The Shroud”, one of the album’s greatest epic mindblowers, injected itself to my skin with galloping and speed demon type rhythms, exemplary vocal melodies on the verses and majestic choruses that also benefited from the divine lead guitar licks. The hefty C part is one of the best buildups right into the belly of the solo that I have heard in a while. Gradually as if taken from the hidden corners of an abandoned theater shut away from the world. “Safe Haven”, taking the role as the heartrending power ballad, lowered the album’s gears a level down. At first it reminded me of several of ballads of the same fashion I had the chance to experience a while ago, yet I couldn’t be more astonished by the performance of Johnn Thunder at the front end of the vocals, simply great singing, not too shabby, a bit cold but still with a heart. The soloing moment took me by surprise, one of the magical points of this release with the same shredding kind of lead fret work that made me imagine Yngwie Malmsteen playing. However, I was thankful that there was a less weight to the deliverance of arpeggios. “Seal Of The Sinner”, a perfectly chosen opener for such an album, displayed as an epic Power Metal speed frenzy, beating hard on full throttle with plenty to leave behind. I was left to commit to my memory the singing rhythms and tremendous written lyrics closely, a plainly addictive epos that won me over. “Outcast“ seemed to be incorporated in the midst of additional elements of the Progressive Metal world harnessing articulate main riffing and a hell of a compelling chorus filled with a clarity and grandiose atmosphere reflected by the keyboards and harmonic singing. It might be less bouncy but it’s heavy and intellectual.

I guess that now would be a good time for me to leave you be with this album for you to share your own feelings and cognitive analysis towards it. “Relevant” is highly germane to any life aspect, but it depends on you to interpret it as you see fit. FORCENTURY made it in the same level as their great debut showing that there is always something both flowing and clever in Progressive Power Metal.

4 Star Rating

1. Seal Of The Sinner
2. Outcast
3. Ashen
4. The Shroud
5. Repercussions of Terror
6. Beyond Recognition
7. Safe Haven
8. The Lust, The Desire And The Temptation
9. The Reductionist
10. Changing Ways 
Johnn Thunder- Vocals
Marc Masters- Guitars
Jonas- Drums
Jack- Guitars
Iver– Bass
Andreas- Keyboards
Record Label: Mighty Music / Target Distribution


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