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Fordom – Manic Howls

Manic Howls
by Ben Gardiner at 15 December 2021, 12:17 AM

FORDOM is the new title under which Finnish Metallers Vanitate, Inanis, Taeter and Malleus create under, having all previously worked together in HORNS OF… this time round pushing themselves further into the raw, abrasive Black Metal they demonstrated in their demos, with higher quality production and more proficient instrumentation and song writing. In Manic Howls, FORDOM turn the black Metal dial all the way up to 11, with thunderous natural drums, washy crashes, guitars that traverse the pitch scale and the wonderful combination of throaty screams and roaring growls.

This album is a solid homage to Scandinavian second wave Black Metal, honouring those that paved the way with a sonic tribute that illicits all the same feelings, it drips with solemn aggression, and you can practically hear the snowy forests and chilly mountains through the music. Similarly, FORDOM incorporate anti-Christian thesis, with songs such as “Destroying the Temple of God,” and “Fuck the Messiah.” This same anger built the foundations Black Metal and a feeling I’m happy to say is still alive to this today. In the former track, the message unleashes itself through a hail of deep bomb blasts and some really nice drumming, and vocals that tear through the soundwaves in either incredibly low toned growls fit for a Grindcore band or vivacious high pitched cries rife in intensity.

Fuck the Messiah,” is a non-stop, high energy thrill ride that exudes a punky rawness through its high tempo thumping drum beat and the unbroken vocals sections. With its running tremolo guitars, it is a blackened hellscape until its halftime middle section, combining slowed down drums with sped up guitars for an incredibly heavy movement. The band continues to take things in interesting directions with the final two tracks, “Confession to Astaroth,” which opens with a very nice slow guitar repeating guitar melody over straight blast beats. Guitarist Inanis offers a plethora of nice guitar riffs and tones, nicely backed up by the clean, uncomplicated drumming that goes between slick blasts and groovy beats.

The final track of the album “Lucifer Rises Again,” opens with a slow, Doomy guitar movement and a sparse, patient drumbeat. The vocals are ghoulish howls, indecipherable and eerie, a huge contrast to the other vocal style of this song, a commanding, clean voice reminiscent of BATHORY’s Viking Metal work, a sudden surprise amidst the coarse rawness. The track transitions from the Doom sound with a scrappy, bass heavy blast before ending with a half time crashing heaviness under formidable growling vocals.

an unbelievable first full length from FORDOM, "Manic Howls" is heavy, abrasive, raw and has a timeless Black Metal sound. The vocal performances were amazing, a surprising amount of variation that further increases the engagement. The drums and guitars were clean, concise, punky one moment, Doomy the next, Black Metal throughout. It’s a varied, captivating work from beginning to end with not a single moment wasted, it makes me feel like I did when I first started listening to black Metal.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability:  7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Inside the Temple of Bael
2. Destroying the Temple of God
3. The Uprising of Barbatos
4. Rituals Spreading into the World
5. Fuck the Messiah
6. Confession to Astaroth
7. Lucifer Rises Again
Taeter - Bass
Malleus - Drums
Inanis - Guitars
Vanitate – Vocals
Record Label: Night In Terrors Records


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