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Fordom - Manic Howls

Manic Howls
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 22 January 2022, 6:23 AM

As Black Metal started to have a strong commercial praise after 1994 (due the trial of Varg Vikernes for the murdering of Euronymous), many of the strongest names of the genre released many of their classics. But there are bands that came years after and prefer to have a musical approach back to the roots, when things were crude and somber. And this is the case of the Finnish based quartet FORDOM, as can be heard on their first release, “Manic Howls”.

Their musical work is a depiction of the origins of Finnish Black Metal: putrid, sinister and darkened, balancing faster moments with slow funereal moments. Obviously that influences of names as IMPALED NAZARENE and BEHERIT on the early and seminal works can be detected (for they laid some of the most important elements of the genre for their country), but they are really using a personal approach, with contrasts between shrieks and grunts (and even some clean parts, as can be heard on “Lucifer Rises Again”), nasty guitars and a simple (but heavy) playing from bass guitar and drums. They have potential, but have a long way to go as well. The sonority shows the worry to be crude and sinister, with simple instrumental tunes. But there’s a wise point: even having such approach, the whole outfit was done to be comprehensive for the listeners, what means that they’re not living in the past. Even during some guitar solos, there aren’t rhythm guitar parts under them, what shows that the recordings were done to be old fashioned and organic. It works, but could be better.

The mix between Hardcore and German Thrash Metal elements that are heard on “Inside the Temple of Bael”, the sinister contrasts of “Destroying the Temple of God”,  the Old School Finnish Black Metal songs called “Fuck the Messiah”, and the fast and bitter “Confession to Astaroth” ate the right ones to show how they’re into what they want to do. Once more: “Mani Howls” shows a band that still needs to mature a bit more. But one thing is clear: FORDOM really has potential to be great.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Inside the Temple of Bael
2. Destroying the Temple of God
3. The Uprising of Barbatos
4. Rituals Spreading Into the World
5. Fuck the Messiah
6. Confession to Astaroth
7. Lucifer Rises Again
Vanitate - Vocals
Inanis - Guitars
Taeter - Bass
Malleus - Drums
Record Label: Night in Terrors Records


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