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Fordomth – Is, Qui Mortem Audit Award winner

Is, Qui Mortem Audit
by Caio Botrel at 31 July 2020, 2:27 PM

FORDOMTH is an Italian band that mixes up influences of Death, Black and Doom Metal with an Atmospheric touch in their songs. I must say that I did like their newest release “Is, Qui Mortem Audit” that was released by Auric Records on June 26, 2020. Let’s talk about it.

Even if the album has only four songs, they are all above six minutes length, which gave the material a good tempo to listen to. Well, the opening track is “Esse” which starts with fast Black Metal guitars and extremely aggressive and guttural vocals and an amazing kitchen from the bass and drums. This song is really powerful and it has a few atmospheric parts where things slow down a little bit, as its riffs Will make you feel that you are ready to go to the battle field.

Audere” follows the same vibe from the previous one, but it feels a little bit more Black Metal and I liked the bass lines and sound here. There’s a very quiet and atmospheric ambiance on the song that helped creating a different dynamic on the song.

Scire” seems to have a different mixing if compared to the other songs on the album, which was a surprise… The drums have a different sound here and this song is all about Black Metal and Doom Metal, with raw vocals and melodies that Will transport you to a dark place somewhere in your mind.

Mors” is the song that closes the album and it starts with a Black Metal riff that have some breaks on it and it actually is pretty nice. If you asked me one song from the new album to recommend for you, that one would definitely be the chosen one! It has all the Dynamics, ambiances and characteristics that the rest of the album has, all mixed up and great!

FORDOMTH have written and released a great album that mixes the best sounds from Death, Black, Doom and Atmospheric Metal. All the instruments were well played, the vocals are pretty good and the production was really nice as well. This album will definitely put the band in the business.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Esse
2. Audere
3. Scire
4. Mors
G.B – Guitars, Tibetan Bells and Throat Singing
G.C – Vocals and Flute
M.R – Synth
V.C – Drums
Record Label: Auric Records


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