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Forefather - Deep Into Time (Reissue)

Deep Into Time (Reissue)
by Jessica Pearman at 09 December 2014, 12:58 AM

In 1997, England produced FOREFATHER, a Pagan Metal band with influences from all subgenres including IRON MAIDEN to BURZUM. FOREFATHER finds that looking into their Anglo-Saxon roots for inspiration helps create the music they want. The niche they have carved doesn’t fit into one genre or another but has given them a boost with fans and critics alike.

FOREFATHER is back re-releasing their first album “Deep into Time”. Its first release was in 1999, now back in November of 2014. The first release has been sold out for years, but now it is available for purchase again. The album has many of the same trademarks as the band has evolved through the years. “Deep into Time” has eleven tracks and comes in at just about 48 minutes of listening time.

The “Intro” reminds me of a take from a movie, where they pan a rainy night following someone entering a party. It was relaxing but eluded at a good time. Pre-emptive of what the album holds? Perhaps, but it isn’t the most flowing transition. However, that doesn’t take away from the goodness this intro brings to the album.

 Track two “Natural Chaos” has a Pagan Metal feel, but there are many other sub genres that are weaved and mixed throughout, I have a hard time calling them Pagan Metal. I love the Pagan undertones, but I think this track is best described as Metal. It has upbeat and pretty fast drums that keep in line with the guitars. The musical flow sounds effortless. The growled vocals are very gritty and almost incomprehensible. The clean vocals are where I hear the more Pagan Metal aspects.

Track five, “Visions of Elders” is my favorite track on the album and I really don’t have much a reason other than it just spoke to me. Musically everything meshes well together and there is a bit of melody for those who are a lover of it, but it also has a slow Thrashy vibe. It’s a hodgepodge Metal mix that works beautifully.

The Ornamented Sword” is one of the most different and more creative tracks on “Deep into Time”. It shows a little more of what FOREFATHER can do musically. While the rest of the album is good overall, the rest of the tracks have similarities that cause it to become monotonous as points. This track is completely different and captures a new sound.

The prelude “The Wilde Dane” is pure folk music at its finest. It’s a fun track to have added towards the end. It’s a small look into what some of the musical influence these guys have when creating the rest of the album. Something so different can be created from the most classical or folkish music.

Over all, I enjoyed this album. There are some areas where I felt like I was listening to the same music over again, but the music itself is really good. Take a listen to the re-release. It deserves a listen.

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Natural Chaos
3. Deep into Time
4. Immortal Wisdom
5. Visions of Elders
6. These Lands
7. Dusk to Dawn
8. Ancient Voice
9. The Ornamented Sword
10. The Wilde Dane
11. A Hearth Companion’s Pride
Wulfstan - Bass, Guitars, Vocals
Athelstan - Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Record Label: Heidens Hart Records


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