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Forefather - Last Of The Line Award winner

Last Of The Line
by Angela "MetalDancer" Van Der Kreeft at 21 June 2012, 3:35 PM

FOREFATHER is an English band that was formed in 1997 by the brothers Athelstan and Wulfstan, who recently released their 6th full length album called “Last Of The Line” through Metalhit.comSeven Kingdoms Records. A Pagan / Folk / Pirate Metal band with a progressive touch that’s using growling and grunts as well as clear voices.

FOREFATHER is definitely not a newbie and over the years they’ve certainly gained power. “Last Of The Line” shows their power to share their energy through the music they play by creating and sharing their own world and atmospheres with all their might. It is a world where the sea is the road and where the atmosphere is filled with the feel of pirates chasing fast. Even when they slow down, they’re still fast due to the huge sails catching all the wind there’s to catch.

To me the Folk part did jump out first with the instrumental intro on “Last Of The Line”. Tight and fast with energetic folk sounds through the guitar in a skilled play that’s fun to listen to and that opens up the view to the world that FOREFATHER created on “Last Of The Line”. The mix of genres they did use to create their world gives the album a dark and light feel. Angry and destructive as well as catchy, inspiring and moving.

“Last Of The Line” contains a world with spirit. Just like the drum, bass, guitar, keyboard and the vocal lines. The way they’re building their world shows not only talent and skills, but it also shows their strength to guide and take the course they’ve set for their chasing ship, a huge solid vessel that can handle waves and storms without getting behind determent to catch up whatever they’re chasing. The final song on the album did even sound to me that they did get what they were chasing after.

“Last Of The Line” is in the same line as their formal work, but in my opinion they’ve grown in strength and depth giving this album a more solid sound than their former work. Like the boat they’re on now is much bigger and better prepared / equipped for the journey.

4 Star Rating

1. Cometh the King
2. Last of the Line
3. Chorus of Steel
4. By Thy Deeds
5. Up High
6. Wolves of Prayer
7. Wyrda Gesceaft
8. Doomsday Dawns
9. Shadows of the Dead
10. Spears of Faith
11. The Downfallen
12. Into the Rising Sun 
Wulfstan - Guitar, Bass, Lead/Backing Vocals
Athelstan - Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Backing Vocals
Record Label:


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