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Forefather - Deep Into Time (CD)

Deep Into Time
by Alex Farmakis at 12 August 2004, 7:37 PM

Deep Into Time had first been released in 1999 and it is Forefather's debut album. Five years after it's first release Karmageddon Media is re-releasing it and thus giving the chance to all who those who didn't buy it to purchase it now.
The Forefather project was born in September 1997 in Surrey, England by founding members and brothers Athelstan and Wulfstan. Their purpose was to play Epic Metal to honour their Anglo-Saxon ancestors. After Deep Into Time (1999) they released two more albums and now they are working on their fourth album.
Forefather play Epic Black Metal and I think that their influences must be Immortal and Bathory at their mid-tempo songs. Their music is mainly aggressive with a few melodic parts here and there. Their mid-tempo songs remind me a lot of Quorthon's (R.I.P.) songs on Hammerheart (1990) and on Twilight Of The Gods (1991) not only on the musical parts but also on the vocals. We can also find some clear and undistorted vocals on some songs that give an epic and majestic character to Forefather's music. The atmosphere of Deep Into time is dark and epic at the same time, chaotic and majestic.
In my opinion this is a very good re-release and it is a very good chance for all those who didn't know Forefather to get to know their music. I surely suggest this album to all the Black Metal fans. I think that they will find something interesting in it. But I also suggest it to everyone else. Just listen to it for one time. If you do not like it just let it go. For all the rest who share the same feelings with Forefather, they should purchase it by all means.

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Natural Chaos
Deep Into Time
Immortal Wisdom
Visions Of Elders
These Lands
Dusk To Dawn
Ancient Voice
The Ornamented Sword
The Wilde Dance
Fighting The Tide (Bonus track)
A Fool's Hope (Bonus track)
Wulfstan - Vocals, Guitars and Bass
Athelstan - Guitars, Bass and Keyboards
Record Label: Karmageddon Media


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