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Forensick - The Prophecy Award winner

The Prophecy
by Dan Mailer at 07 July 2014, 4:19 PM

German Heavy Metal act FORENSICK’s second album has a strong sound that should see them to some good success on the European metal scene, with strong guitar work, a mixture of old school metal with a bit of a modern edge to it, and plenty of style and attitude.

Opening up with “Hero Of The Day”, there’s some great chunky guitar riffs meeting with powerful drums and pounding basslines, before we are introduced to the lead vocal, which is plenty melodic, lots of high notes and very old school in delivery. The chorus is pretty cool with some crazy head voice stuff going on and some very cool solos too, making this a good start to the album. “Doomsday Machine” follows this up with a kind of SABBATH on steroids” kind of vibe, with twisting riffs, a good sense of speed, and some cool harmonies too, with a kind of Tony Martin vibe to the vocals on this one.

“The Prophecy” is an album full of great moments. There are heavier tunes like “Time Of Resistance” which has a really cool bass heavy sound, and nice focussed riffs and a desperate sounding vocal that works really well, with some great guitar riffs too. “New Reality” is another fairly heavy one, with an almost 80s QUEENSRYCHE feel and atmosphere blending with more of the NWOBHM style as well.

A few slower tracks balance things out on the album too, with the more ballad like track “Lonesome Words” providing some nice power ballad vibes, with some more great guitar harmonies going on here too. With some classic soft/heavy contrasts, this one reminds me of HELLOWEEN a little.

“When The War Begins” is a really epic song, with a really great feel to it, making it one of my highlights of the album. Lots of cool dynamics, with some cool clean guitar moments meeting with really well done heavy riffs to make a really good track!

Title track “The Prophecy” closes up the album, with a grooving intro riff, and yet more guitar harmonies adding to the affairs, and some great galloping from the rhythm section. The chorus is one of the stronger ones on the album, with some great and powerful vocal harmonies meeting with a strong riff.

The production on the album is alright, it’s not the best of head but it doesn’t detract from the great playing to be honest, the guitars were clearly the focus here, with other elements taking a bit of a back seat in some respects. The bass is nice and loud though!

Overall, this is a strong second album from FORENSICK, with lots of great playing and some quite strong songwriting binding it all together.

4 Star Rating

1. Hero Of The Day
2. Doomsday Machine
3. Dark Secret
4. Time Of Resistance
5. When The War Begins
6. Beast Within
7. Lonesome Words
8. New Reality
9. The Prophecy
Tobias Hübner - Vocals
Stephan Vogt - Guitar
Matthias Ehmig - Guitar
Andreas Armbruster - Bass
Julian Rocco Lepore - Drums
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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