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Foreseen - Helsinki Savagery

Helsinki Savagery
by Lauryn Plummer at 05 November 2014, 12:11 PM

First of all these guys are from Finland, so we’re about to step into a portal of European Metal. (Yes, I’m making this a thing now) You just wouldn’t think that you’d hear this kind of stuff from outside the normal place you do, like America or the UK or you get a few known metal names from Europe, but they are rare. Once you hear these guys, you’ll be in for a shock, I mean you can’t really hear the lyrics because they aren’t English, but it’s definitely something you could rock to. This is their first full length album as a band since forming in 2010.  Let’s see what FORESEEN guys are made of.

Kicking off the album we have “Slam Savagery” it starts off as a weird static kind of thing, which you expect for a beginning track on an album, it builds up into what the song actually is. Then you get all the instruments into the mix, drums bass and guitars it’s a fast paced song, but you have to admit you’re waiting for some vocals to appear, but they never do. You see this is the type of tack that is introductory. It shows off the guy’s talents with solos, riff and fast drum beats before you hear the vocals on the second track “Death Injection”. This is where you hear the vocals for the first time, it’s a straight in your face kind of song, like no quiet introduction its head first in with vocals and instruments. You can definitely tell that the lyrics aren’t English, but it doesn’t matter, it’s a good Thrash Metal album. The end of the second track sounds like a car engine which then links the transition from track two to track three “The Prowler”. Which has a “1, 2, 3” kind of start count in after the car engine sounds where you then move into a fast paced song, it’s the shortest track on the album and it’s literally started and finished in the blink of an eye.

“Market Target” is next you get a “1, 2, 3, 4” count in with the cymbals then bam it’s straight in with a solo which lasts for about 40 seconds before the whole track slows a little in the middle where the track finishes with another glorious guitar solo. Like I said the album really shows the bands talents, you can hear it throughout the entire album. “Bonded By United Blood” is another straight in your face track, there are no quiet starts with this band, this track starts with drums, guitars and bass. I must admit it’s a little bit slower than the other tracks, but then you hear the count in of the drum sticks and then out of nowhere comes a bass riff and you’re like whoa, where did that come from. So the track is a bit slower than the other songs, but then you near the end and it definitely picks up with a solo before finishing.

Now this is different, the sixth track isn’t a song, oh no. It’s an “Interlude” which is really clever because it breaks up the tracks when you get half way through the album. Most “Interlude’s” on albums are quite, or they have a soft piano track, or someone talking. But not with FORESEEN they are full on with everything, so in this track you have the drums, guitars and bass, they keep the loudness of the album going, like any Thrash Metal band should, they even sneak a solo into it. The “Interlude” flows right into the seventh track “Structural Oppression” with ease. Once again you’re hit in the face with a wave of instruments, like I said there are really no quiet starts with the band, you’re thrown in the deep end into a pool of Thrash Metal. “Delusion Of No Confidence” is also another smooth transition from one song to another as always you have the face melting solo, I don’t think I’ve been a disappointed with a guitar solo throughout the album. This band just screams talent.

And finally we have the last two tracks of the album “Both Sides Lose” where returning for the ninth time we don’t have a build-up and you find yourself thrown into an oblivion of everything. It really picks up in the middle of this track with the guitar solo, it’s just another fast paced song added to the list by FORESEEN from Finland. To end the album we have “Paving The Way” again it’s straight in with the guitars, bass and drums, you get a solo towards the middle of the song and an up and down riff as you near to the end which shows their talents. Then you get to the end of the track where you hear that weird radio static at the end. The album finished just like how it started.

4 Star Rating

1. Slam Savagery
2. Death Injection
3. The Prowler
4. Market Target
5. Bonded By United Blood
6. Interlude
7. Structural Oppression
8. Delusion Of No Consequence
9. Both Sides Lose
10. Paving The Way
Erkka Korpi - Guitars
Mirko Nummelin - Vocals
Tatu Panini - Bass
Record Label: 20 Buck Spin


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