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Forest Stream - The Crown Of Winter (CD)

Forest Stream
The Crown Of Winter
by Harry Papadopoulos at 11 June 2009, 7:43 PM

In the last few months as a METAL TEMPLE, I have come across some bands from countries without any history in the worldwide Metal scene. One of those countries is the Russian Federation and now I'm really happy that I came across this scene.

From the short prologue you already know that FOREST STREAM are coming form the Russian Federation. The band was founded back in 1995 as a duet, by Sonm (drums, keys, vocals) and Omin (guitars, bass). As time went by, new members joined them and with a full line-up they released two demos influenced by the European Doom scene with some Black Metal touches. In 2002 two new members came in with Elhella sitting behind the drums and Berserk taking care of the second guitar. With that lineup, they recorded their debut album Tears of Mortal Solitude… and then Murphy's Law took place. In order to name a few of the unpleasant events I have to say that: they equipment was stolen, their rehearsal studio was destroyed and Sonm went to the Netherlands for his Ph.D. in Physics! Having some lineup changes even in the inside, as Elhella became the keyboard player, and since their label ceased to exist, FOREST STREAM continued to play live with bands like CRADLE OF FILTH and KATATONIA and looking for a label. Now with a contract signed by Candlelight Records the band is releasing its second album The Crown Of Winter. So, let's see what they have to say.

I hope that the history lesson wasn't too boring since we are dealing with a good album! Being loyal to their first days and influences, but with a more black aesthetic in their music, their material can easily stand between the one some famous bands. In an attempt to describe their music, I'd say that it is a mixture of DIMMU BORGIR, the European Doom scene in general with mid to quite fast tempos and a touch of the newest TIAMAT and  -fortunately not that much- of OPETH (yes them again!). It's not an innovative album; in fact they have to try harder to filter their influences in order to stop thinking … this sounds like DIMMU BORGIR or …this is a typical OPETH theme…. If you neglect the 'copying' part, you will find this album interesting proving that the band have the potentials to do something better. I'm not in a position to say which song stands out since the entire album floats nicely. But I really did like Beautiful Nature. The first minutes of the song reminded me of the good times of TIAMAT  -a band that I adore- and then the Black Metal atmosphere with the clean and growl male vocals make me give a thumbs up.

The Crown Of Winter is an album that, I hope, will make the band known to the fans of this specific Metal genre. This album is full of good ideas, is nice cold and dark with a soundtrack like atmosphere. But -as I said- the band has to work on the distinct influences and obtain a more personal sound. I think that we will hear from them again, if they keep working hard…

3 Star Rating

Intro (Feral Magic)
The Crown Of Winter
Bless You To Die
The Autumn Dancers
The Seventh Symphony Of Satan
Beautiful Nature
Outro (My Awakening Dreamland)
Sonm the Darkest - Vocals
Wizard Omin - Guitar
Berserk - Guitar
Tyrant Moloch - Bass
Elhella - Keyboards
Kir - Drums
Record Label: Candlelight Records


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