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Forever Falling - Suspended Over The Immanent

Forever Falling
Suspended Over The Immanent
by Craig Rider at 16 July 2021, 3:01 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: FALLING FOREVER; signed via MHS Music Group, hailing from England - performing Death/Doom Metal, on their debut album entitled: “Suspended Over The Immanent” (released September 20th, 2021).

The duo in question have only this album in their discography so far entitled: “Suspended Over The Immanent”; 8 tracks ranging at around 47:12… FALLING FOREVER arrange an intricately designed formula in some heavy-hitting Death/Doom amalgamations.

Opening up with a haunting but eerie keyboardist melody within "Bless This Floor"; the Death Doom harmony is already assembled, as a daunting embodiment captures a gnarly foreboding of emptiness and despair. A hefty amount of loft surges with disorientated fuzziness in distorted desecration, attributing at a flamboyant contrast in grunty crunchiness & creatively gritty darkness. A blasphemous shroud manifests with weighty rifts while monolithic tempos amplify beefily, as fierce density grovels with mountainous solidity. Unearthing ripping maelstrom momentum where primitively raw hooks fret at an ominously jarring tonality on potently vibrant virtuosity on moody vibes, where meaty sludginess and deathly chords amongst a sulfurous synthetic on mythical malice transpires through you.

"Dark Friend" elements at a snarly vehemence on a borderline foundation in dynamically dexterous distinction in organic substance that rumbles with reverberating thuds, sturdy yet prestigious & towering stompiness while some melancholic synergies materialises with rampantly rompy thumpiness from ambidextrous impact. As Tullio Carleo on keys/drums/guitars articulates with scouring remedy, persevering with persistent trembles that gravitate intensely into a barrage calamity in distinguished extremity & hybrid flair. Fabricating fluidly with progressively strident technicalities that swerve with resonant desolation. "Nightmare" pumps out more striking pursuits on punchy rhythms while this whistling sensation flutes a deadly iniquity on otherworldly spellbinds that enraptures a bellowing bark of raspy throatiness where John Suffering grunts feverishly with tormenting echoes, and gloomy blackness as cavernous wickedness outbursts with nightshade veracity.

Nothing but a drony atmosphere chisels with mystery, misery and contorted ambience as a  slithering systematic on "My Tears My Life" resounds with melodic strums onto piledriving smacks that showcases haunting aghast. Dreadful exile continues to gorge with gravely bellows while sorrowful acoustics downplay the somber depravity intertwined within, while a humming density in "I Will Never Sleep" materializes this awesomely grunty but gruesome growl while this symphonic trepidation that surmises mighty tribulation & mournful trite. Similarly profound with the meandering "Only Emptiness", in which nullifies life with monotonous strums & shackled unholiness.

This is death doom at its finest, it's a fluent exercise on distraught and abominable outrè on prophetic discrepancy. "Suspended Over The Immanent" gives you that feeling of loss while musically transparent on inexorable tenebrosity where the songwriting musicianship qualifies with shady twilight. The penultimate track "To Die In Silence" smothers you with tragic woe, while a belting banishment in unrest & slogginess takes over your soul passively with unruly demoncy and groundbreaking oppression against all things that live. Until the overall concluding devilment "Dark Painting Of The I" assimilates brimming archetypes in savagely  sinister embrace, arming a blackened execution on spiritless remorse and a dysphoric enticement while retaining that solid slab on concretely gritty ritual of satanic subjugation profusely.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that FALLING FALLING certainly outdone themselves with this towering representation of strong yet visceral revelations in ruinous tragedy. "Suspended Over The Immanent" forges a disposition in everlasting devolution, creating a flexible fundamental in dull but hefty murkiness that won't grab everyone's attention, but fans of this sub-genre shall somewhat revel with this displacement in symbolic retribution salubriously. Worthy of spinning and replaying a couple of times or so, check it out should you fancy a re-animated assimilation of pessimistic isolation.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Bless This Floor
2. Dark Friend
3. Nightmare
4. My Tears My Life
5. I Will Never Sleep
6. Only Emptiness
7. To Die In Silence
8. Dark Painting Of The I
John Suffering - Vocals
Tullio Carleo - Keys/Drums/Guitars
Record Label: MSH Music Group


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