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Forged In Black – Fear Reflecting Fear

Forged In Black
Fear Reflecting Fear
by Michael Humphrey at 08 November 2016, 6:23 PM

Formed in 2007 as MERCILESS FAIL and rebranded in 2013, the UK act FORGED IN BLACK have released three albums - one LP and two EPs with 2016’s “Fear Reflecting Fear” being their latest effort. The band flaunts a style of Heavy Metal that combines elements of both classic and modern metal genres, including Doom, NWOBHM, Death, and Black Metal, resulting in crushing riffs, a dark and heavy tone, and powerful and memorable performances.

The title song “Fear Reflecting Fear” opens the album with a dark and gloomy soundscape, complete with an orchestra fading in as if through the night, before the band itself takes control with heavy Doom riffs and a scream to introduce the song. The clean vocals strike you immediately; an incredibly powerful and captivating performance from Chris Stoz Storozynski. The guitar and bass work is extremely heavy, seamlessly blending elements of Doom, Black, and Death Metal. “Renegades of the Last Rites” continues this in spectacular fashion with a crushing fast paced riff exploding onto the scene, closely followed by the vocals. The duel attack of the guitars creates some very memorable melodic and rhythmic moments and another great solo also makes an appearance halfway through the song.

“1000 Wings” begins with a rather unexpected effected bass passage accompanied by drum fills before the guitars take the same riff and use the duel attack to great effect, constructing several NWOHBM-esque melodies around it. The vocals are as powerful and mesmerising as ever and Kev Rochester performs scintillating but hard-hitting drum rhythms to drive the song along. The guitars take centre stage at several points during the song to further tout the Melodic NWHOBM influence. “Shadows Still Remain” is the last track on the album and again features an extremely heavy tone. The song take on a rather Doom approach with drawn out, haunting vocal melodies, heavy, calculated rhythmic passages, and a progressive melodic approach from the guitars.

“Fear Reflecting Fear” is a fantastic album dripping with a heavy old-school tone; however, it feels far too short, leaving you begging for more with nowhere to go. The opening track is the longest at seven and a half minutes with none of the other three songs breaching five and a half minutes. Some of the songs also feature stylistic changes that feel far too sudden; with deep, low guitar riffs sometimes giving way to higher pitched melodic passages, leaving the newer segment sounding fairly thin in comparison. Otherwise the album is solid, with powerful vocals - which the metal genre desperately needs a return of - and memorable instrumentation from the rest of the band.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

  1. Fear Reflecting Fear
  2. Renegades of the Last Rites
  3. 1000 Wings
  4. Shadows Still Remains
Chris Stoz Storozynski - Lead Vocals
Andy Songhurst - Guitar
Chris Bone - Guitar
Kieron Rochester – Bass and Vocals
Kev Rochester - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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