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Forgery - With These Fists

With These Fists
by Eddie "Deaddie" McConnaughy at 07 April 2014, 11:21 PM

FORGERY is a Thrash / Groove Metal group from Oslo, Norway. They formed in 1990, with 4 demos, and two full length releases. “With These Fists” is the second and their latest album. Although they are considered groove Thrash, it reminds me more of a groove Death type of sound. The vocals are a deep half growl half clean vocal. They have a very deep and full sound to them. It is pretty awesome. Definitely another unique piece. It certainly keeps the head bobbing.

The vocals on this piece, as I said before, are a very deep half growl half clean vocal. It suits the music which is also rather deep. The guitar work is very deep sounding. Some of it has that dark eerie quality to it, while other riffs are Thrash like. The drum work is very solid. There is quite a bit of double bass to it. Over all the sound is very Death oriented, with plenty of Thrash and even a bit of groove. As for speed, they are not insane lighting fast, but they have some nice speed to them. There is a heavy use of the bass by these guys, helping to intensify the deep quality of the sound.

All in all I liked FORGERY. The groove edge is there but not overdone. The overall tone is very deep and death like, with a steady mix of Thrash and Death stylings. They’ll will either have to head banging or at moving along to the music. The flow of the music also adds to that slight groove. These guys would be another group that I would love to see live.

4 Star Rating

1. Effigy
2. Final Genocide
3. Mirror Man
4. Mind of Rage
5. Shadows of Fear
6. Cross to Bear
7. Black Mourning
8. Fading Thoughts
9. Anatomy of Pain
Anders Moen – Guitars / Vocals
Jan Roger Halvorsen - Drums
Morten Steen – Bass / Backing Vocals
Ronny Hansen – Guitars
Record Label: Battlegod Productions


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