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Forget My Silence - Fall To Rise

Forget My Silence
Fall To Rise
by Craig Rider at 10 November 2017, 3:43 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I'm proud to present to you: FORGET MY SILENCE; signed via Forget My Silence Records, hailing from the Russian Federation - performing Post-Hardcore/Deathcore, on their debut album entitled: “Fall To Rise” (released 29th September, 2017).

Since formation in 2011; the quintet in question finally released their debut album entitled: “Fall To Rise”. 9 tracks ranging at around 31:83, the quartet arrange an intricately designed development of constructive instrumentation and musicianship. Opening up with “I See Hell In Your Eyes”, I'm introduced to a unique juxtaposition of hard-hitting melodies and solid harmonics in which balance a distinguished characteristic - providing an elegant songwriting and sound production process. At first I went in with the lowest of expectations as I wasn't sold on the band's name: FORGET MY SILENCE, this is a typical distinction in the world of the “core” sub-genres - however, you always have to listen to a band's record at least once to fully understand and judge for yourself. The vocalization from Roma Sadygov provides a raspy formula of guttural growls and yells, while the orchestration consistently flourishes with extreme hooks and solos that are quite menacing.

Consisting of Elia Solonnikov on guitars, the complex dexterity is efficiently sinister and proficiently executed - as in the song “Hate Me”, I can sense an admirable substance of exquisite chugs and an elaborate narrative of pummeling blast beats and organic aesthetics in which amalgamate a deliciously atmospheric delicacy that's all round dominantly adroit. Powerhouse bassist Petr Starkov showcases a pulverizing effort in the titular track “Fall To Rise”, the single “This Is The Beginning” is also sufficiently performed with immense electronica elements that are brilliantly implemented. Benny Nagual, crushing the drums excels with flexible madness that effectively puts a groove on with an intensely enlightening headbanging fulfillment. “Virtual Privacy” is where the aforementioned components supply the most, a frenzy of thunderous gallops and aggressively yet progressively technical hostile salubriousness pounds your body delightfully.

We then have “Not Perfect (feat. Ivan Gromov)” which is another diversely prominent track, it excels with unprecedented varieties - bitter lyricism and thick composing are elegantly compiled and performed with diligence. “The One And Only” is a hammering track, with more irregular patterns of brash singing and melodic fabrications. The sort of high-pitched, emotional vocals are manifested which may need an open mind to appreciate. “We Will” is a grandiose of fast-paced action – filled with groovy elements and heart-pounding relentlessness which stimulates every muscle in your being. Overall concluding “Fall To Rise” with “Supersonic”, which is another chaotic yet steely track. FORGET MY SILENCE admirably supplied a tough record which pulled all punches to distribute an utmost fascinating piece of art - certainly a band for fans of BRING ME THE HORIZON, and similar others along those lines.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Sound Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. I See Hell In Your Eyes
2. Hate Me
3. Fall To Rise
4. This Is Only The Beginning
5. Virtual Privacy
6. Not Perfect (feat. Ivan Gromov)
7. The One And Only
8. We Will
9. Supersonic
Roma Sadygov - Vocals
Elia Solonnikov - Guitar
Petr Starkov - Bass
Benny Nagual - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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