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Forgotten Horror - Aeon of the Shadow Goddess

Forgotten Horror
Aeon of the Shadow Goddess
by Calen Nesten at 28 July 2015, 3:08 PM

FORGOTTEN HORROR has released their album “Aeon of the Shadow Goddess”. The Finland-based band had some pitfalls after their first release “The Serpent Creation” but have returned with their heavy, occult fueled sophomore release. FORGOTTEN HORROR labels themselves as Lilithian Black Metal, with “Lilithian” refers to a goddess depicted in many Abrahamic religions as Adam's first wife. She is said to be the mother of daemons and represents power and femininity, among other things. In other words, a pretty goddamn awesome woman.

With that knowledge, the eerie orchestral chanting and the fact that front-man Tuomas Karhunen is a practicing magician (like, pentagrams and candles, not cards and doves) make the album feel like a sort of “dark ritual”. Kassara and Karhumen did much of the work on “Aeon of the Shadow Goddess” themselves. Already having worked together in Finish band DEATHCHAIN they know how to make some seriously brutal tracks.

One of my favorite things about this album is how easily some of the guitar tracks blend with the orchestra effect, they mesh to the point where it gets difficult distinguishing them. It's sort of like blending the ritual aspect of the album with the musical to channel power through the songs themselves. It's pretty powerful stuff, even when the track “Behold a Shadow Goddess” features an orchestral segment that sounds slightly like the outro for KOOLIO'S “Gangstas Paradise”. FORGOTTEN HORROR creates a very dark atmosphere, the vocals seem to have some supernatural power to make your skin crawl and the instrumentation sounds like a black cloud of impending doom.

What I'm saying is, FORGOTTEN HORROR rocks Black Metal so hard, listening to them may make corpse-paint spontaneously manifest itself onto your face. “Aeon of the Shadow Goddess” will posses you, it immediately grabs you then proceeds to drag you to the underworld. Don't fight it! It's warm, and Satan loves you.

5 Star Rating

1. The Adept
2. Behold a Shadow Goddess
3. …Of Man's First Rebellion
4. Lilithian
5. In Ravenous Darkness
6. Queen of an Ivory Moon
7. Babalon Emissaries
8. Her Crescent Horns
9. The Ghost of Time
Tuomas Karhunen - Vocals/Guitar
Kassara - Drums
Kennet - Live Guitar
Record Label: Woodcut Records


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