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Forgotten Tomb - And Don't Deliver Us from Evil

Forgotten Tomb
And Don't Deliver Us from Evil
by Salvador Aguinaga II at 01 November 2012, 8:51 PM

The first thing I should mention is that the track listing is off from the official album by a tad bit, “Nullifying Tomorrow“ is really supposed to be the seventh track of the album moving the other tracks higher in hierarchy. It’s the way it is because that’s the order they were given to me so to avoid confusion I kept it the way I listened to it initially. In a way it was a neat coincidence as “Nullifying Tomorrow” is the only track that sounded like a full-blown Black Metal song following the style of modern Black Metal rather than traditional. “Deprived” had a more sludgy edge to it with the bass being very prominent making it a catchy song. The title track, “…And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil…” is the beginning where we see the fusion of Doom and Black Metal focusing on melodies that give melodic Death Metal bands a run for their money. Just like IRON MAIDEN being so intricate and beautiful about their melodies, FORGOTTEN TOMB is just as masterful as these legendary Heavy Metal Brits.

I’m from Texas and sometimes the weather can be bipolar, one day it can be cold and another very warm, abnormal for a particular season and in some cases it can be a cold windy chilly sensation going down your spine and next thing you know the sun comes out grazing down your neck. Well I think it’s a great transition into the song, “Cold Summer” as it was the only one in the line-up without a blatant melody. It still had melody but it was all in the Black Metal riffs, it was the closest to traditional Black Metal as it gets but still with Doom in its roots it sounded unique and foreboding. “Let’s Torture Each Other” is the only song I recall having a guitar solo, it started off really slow but melodic, turned my brain into a cloud free-floating about and then it alternated into an average solo.

By the time, “Love Me Like You’d Love The Death” came around I was slowly falling asleep. Don’t take that the wrong way I mean the sound was so soothing it felt like a lullaby just as a child would fall asleep to a song calmly relaxing their brain or maybe because I‘m listening to this about an hour after midnight, who knows. What brought me back to a conscious level is the wonderful melody towards the end. They really are that overpowering that it’s almost impossible to miss. “Adrift” is the only song to feature clean singing in the album, kind of odd when I’m used to hearing screams somewhat reminiscent to Johan Hegg (AMON AMARTH) and also blackish vocals slightly in the same vein as Abbath (IMMORTAL).

Algol’s bass playing is what really set the bar in this album. All the musicians were nice but without him I don’t think this album would’ve been the same. Not in the prospect of talent but rather it contributed so well on the album it’s almost as if he was the main sculptor. This is my first FORGOTTEN TOMB album I’ve heard but I’m really excited to go back to their discography and hear how this band evolved from the past to what it became now.

3 Star Rating

1. Nullifying Tomorrow
2. Deprived
3. …And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil…
4. Cold Summer
5. Let’s Torture Each Other
6. Love Me Like You’d Love The Death
7. Adrift
Asher - Drums
Herr Morbid - Guitars, Vocals
Algol - Bass
A. - Guitars
Record Label: Agonia Records


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