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Forkill - At the Sound of the Devil's Bell Award winner

At the Sound of the Devil's Bell
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 20 April 2019, 6:48 AM

To Begin with, Thrash Metal was born from the fusion between Metal melodies and musical weight with Hardcore/Punk Rock fast tempos and adrenaline, but keeping Hard Rock melodies that are easy to understand. That’s the reason for Thrash Metal being the charming form of extreme Metal that really hooks the fans. And the Brazilian quartet FORKILL represents the Old School Thrash Metal, and after six years since “Breathing Hate”, they’re back with “At the Sound of the Devil’s Bell”.

They play a hard and highly energized form of Classic Thrash Metal, with a very strong influence from San Francisco Bay Are bands as EXODUS, MEGADETH and SLAYER, but their melodies and catchy choruses inherit harmonies from bands from traditional Heavy Metal. The formula isn’t new at all, but in the hands of the quintet, it works wonderfully, creating something that is aggressive, with the right technical level, and charming, with a great amount of energy and strong choruses.

The sound quality is great, a fine work from the producer Daniel Escobar (who produced, mixed and mastered the album), having Ronnie Giehl (the band’s guitarist) as co-producer. It’s clean, heavy and aggressive, binding all their musical elements together in a harmonic way, and with very good instrumental tunes. And the cover and title are references to bands as SAXON and MERCYFUL FATE (and what a great artwork on the cover and booklet, done by Rafael Tavares and M. Mictian, respectively).

The coming of the new members Matt Souza on guitars and vocals, and Rodrigo Tártaro on drums, getting along with the founding members Ronnie and Gustavo N.S. (bass guitar) helped to redefined FORKILL’s music, but without losing their identity. And if songs as “Emperor of Pain” (a massive and harsh onslaught with excellent guitars), the hymn “Let There Be Thrash” (with that catchy tempo of Thrash Metal that make the head of the listener shakes without noticing, and presents great chorus and backing vocals), “Warlord” (a touch of German Thrash metal appears on the melodies, and another very good chorus is presented), “R. E. D.” (it’s a fast and furious song with great work from bass and drums), “Old Skullz” (it’s a mix between influences of MOTÖRHEAD, S.O.D. and ANTHRAX, é nessa, a statement of what the band is, with excellent melodies and vocals), “In Your Face” (another song with amazing energy, releasing aggressiveness in homeopathic doses), and the rerecorded version of “Vendetta” (one of the best songs from “Breathing Hate”, here gaining some new technical touches) don’t make your head shake as Hell, you’re a dead man.

Hear it at the loudest volume possible!

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Succubus’ Lament
2. Emperor of Pain
3. Let There Be Thrash
4. Keepers of Rage
5. Warlord
6. When Hell Rises
7. Leviathan
8. R. E. D.
9. Killed at Last
10. Old Skullz
11. In Your Face
12. Knight of Apocalypse
Matt Silva - Vocals, Guitars
Ronnie Giehl - Guitars
Gus “Guzzy” N. S. - Bass
Rodrigo Tártaro - Drums
Record Label: Dark Sun Records


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