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Forkill - Sick Society Award winner

Sick Society
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 06 October 2022, 12:35 PM

In the second half of the past decade, many fans, seduced by the plots of extreme right-wing politicians, started to complain that ‘music isn’t about politics’, demanding bands to stop to have a position about this matter. Of course they’re just younger fans that didn’t saw the rise of Thrash Metal or the fight against PMRC and its censorship. Even today, the conservative people, aligned with right-wing politicians, try to shut Metal up, but things won’t be easy. And the desolate scenario created by Brazilian government on the late years, uniting politics with religious morals, inspired the Brazilian Thrash metal quartet FORKILL to create a whole conception on their latest album, “Sick Society”.

The band had another change on the lineup since “The Sound of the Devil’s Bell”: Matt Silva left the band, and in his place on guitars and vocals is Igor Rodrigues (former member of the alcoholic Thrashers of NO REMORSE). On the band’s music, nothing has changed: it’s the same Old School Thrash Metal based on USA School, namely METALLICA, EXODUS, MEGADETH, TESTAMENT, VIO-LENCE, FORBIDDEN and others in this way. In other words, is a mix between the natural aggressiveness of the genre with many violent hooks and some melodic sense to guide things, in a personal form of music full of some influences of NWOBHM and Hard Rock in the instrumental arrangements (especially on the melodic guitar solos), what means that they know what they’re doing, with personality and a storm of violence and weight that no one can resist.

The album was recorded at Tellus Studio, in Niterói (RJ) under the guidance of Daniel Escobar (who mixed and mastered the album as well at Tranzalore Studio, at RJ), all to blend the Old School Thrash Metal elements with a defined and modern outfit. And be pretty sure: this album has a perfect sonority, enabling the listeners to understand what the band plays, and their songs to gain life. And on the backing vocals, along the band’s members, are Caio Mendonça (former LAC guitarist, now on EREBOROS), Felipe Borges (of TELLUS TERROR), Frederico Lima Silva and Antônio Vargas. And the artwork for the cover is amazing (a creation of Marcelo Dod), and the album comes in a slipcase with a poster as well.

All the songs of “Sick Society” are really a great experience, once the band’s changes seem to bring new vitality to their music.  “Open Wound” is an intro that precedes the brutal Thrash Metal defiance act called “The Seed”, a song filled with many violent hooks and with an excellent chorus (and what great backing vocals too). Following, after lovely accords, “Brain Shaped Youth” comes on that abrasive form of Thrash metal that uses slow tempos, putting the musical weight in evidence, with a solid work on bass guitar and drums (and some influences of German Thrash Metal School can be heard).     “Merchants of Faith” is another act of Old School Thrash Metal violence, but with some clear touches of traditional Heavy Metal on the guitars (something inherited from “Show No Mercy” age), and it happens again on the massive weight show on “Every Corner” (a live hit for the shows, possibly).

Very good bass guitar lines can be heard on “The Joker”, a song with a very good melodic dynamics between the instruments, allowing the vocals to become evident (and it can cause ach in the neck for sure). On “Seven Plagues”, an instrumental song, again the tempos are slowed down in some parts that allow the quartet to summon a mastodonic weight. Another fine technical exhibition of bass guitar and drums can be heard on “Behind the Mask” (filled with excellent charming arrangements that nail the fans). And unleashing a Thrash metal assault comes “No Land Beyond the Volga”, another song that can become a live hit, with some brutal moments that brings the rhythms nearer Death Metal.

“Violence Ritual” is another example of how the band mixes Thrash Metal with Heavy Metal and Hard Rock elements, with an oppressive and charming weight on its slow appeal. And the long “Sick Society” is a song filled with many rhythmic shifts and is a storm of aggressiveness due the reflection of Brazilian reality on the lyrics (and what sharp guitars, with changes between nasty moments and some introspective parts). On “Scars”, another instrumental moment, the fans will have the clear idea of the technique of the band’s members on the instruments, and how good are the sets of shifts that are shown, the crescendos of it. And closing this new chapter on the band’s career, “Killed at Last”, another round of pure musical violence, with many Hardcore influences arise on the harmonies (with very good vocals once more). By the way, you all can hear the album here:

It can be said that “Sick Society” is the finest moment of FORKILL until the present, and show its potential to grow more and more.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Open Wound
2. The Seed
3. Brain Shaped Youth
4. Merchants of Faith
5. Every Corner
6. The Joker
7. Seven Plagues
8. Behind the Mask
9. No Land Beyond the Volga
10. Violence Ritual
11. Sick Society
12. Scars
13. Killed at Last
Igor Rodrigues - Vocals, Guitars
Ronnie Giehl - Rhythm Guitars
Gus Nascimento - Bass
Rodrigo Tartaro- Drums
Record Label: Dies Irae Records


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