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Forndom - Flykt Award winner

by Dominik Cheliński at 13 August 2015, 5:17 PM

Northern  incomming! Swedish one man project, FORNDOM comes with "FLYKT", a Neo-Folk/Ambient 25 minutes long EP. It took a long time to release this piece. The music video for flagship "Flykt" was publicated on Youtube in the Autmn 2013. The whole record was shown to the world on 19th June. Thank God(s)  Swärd knew what he was doing, because quality is equal to the time put into this record.

Overall, the record is calming and mesmerising. It's not that WARDRUNA style wardrumming, that became really popular and used by many similar-themed projects; his music went a bit more in the Ambient than into the Folk genre. Most of the sound effects seems to be produced by electronic than the native instruments (you'll find here these iconic frame drums, so simple and mesmerizing an instrument). They are mainly doing the base-line and are somewhat muted. The atmosphere in the album is more gloomy and mystical  than bucolic. I always admired the choruses in this kind of music. Here they might be treated as an adjunct. The melody and atmosphere tells the lion's share of the story.  Yet parts when they appear cause immediate catharsis and creeps, the most memorable are these after the halfway of the flagship "Flykt". "Bäckahästen" interested me the most. It begins dark and mysterious. Then when it came to main melody I was  even a bit frightened. Subtle changes in the background  has made all the feelings disappear, turning them into melancholy. FORNDOM’s music plays with our moods with these small relishes. "Återkomst" is an outro track that is the most vivacious part of the album. I didn't expect this kind of play at the end. Yet the released euphoria after these dolorous moments  remains for a long time.

After listening to this  won't remember any specific melody. You will remember about FORNDOM thanks to the emotions and atmosphere. It plays with you. It might even cause disorientation. But this is how you make true opus.

4 Star Rating

1. För världarna nio
2. När Alvkungens rike faller samman
3. Bäckahästen
4. Flykt
5. Återkomst
Hans Ludvig Harnow Swärd - All Instruments, Vocals
Record Label: Nordvis


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