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Fornicus - Storming Heaven

Storming Heaven
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 22 September 2014, 9:04 PM

When we speak about Metal bands from USA, of course we must deal carefully with an important feature of those lands: North-American musicians are strongly influenced by a melodic feeling, and even when we deal with extreme Metal bands, of course the melodic atmosphere, in some ways, is evident. Their musical works has a tendency to have a more worked profile as well, sounding to us like their composing processes are really done with thinking minds. And a good proof of it is the extreme quartet FORNICUS, coming from Glasgow, Kentucky. Their first album, “Storming Heaven”, is a proof of Ol’ Big Daddy's words.

Of course, it’s a harsh and dirty mixing between Death and Black Metal in some old ways, but their work got a lot of brains behind their music. The harmonic structures are rigid, their dynamics is really catching. No, it’s not just a chaotic package of harsh vocals, distorted riffs and heavy bass and drums. It’s far more than that, but you have to listen to understand my words.

The production is harsh, but clear and good as an extreme band must sound, with all instruments sounding clear and with good tunes, a very good work of Scott Briggs (the band’s vocalist/guitarist, who did the engineering, mixing, and mastering).

The best songs: “Pallium Mali” (a mid tempo song, with dynamic arrangements and very good riffs and solos), the harsh and faster “King of the Egoists” (take a good hearing on the technical basis done by bass and drums here), the thundering aggression called “Thirst for God”, their version for SEPULTURA’s “Antichrist” (that gained a very good and more aggressive embodiment. But it’s somewhat weird to your Ol’ Big Daddy, a Brazilian guy with his 44 years, hearing this same song having a version, for I used to love the song back on 1986), and the fast and extremely harsh “Storming Heaven”.

This is what we can call a bull’s eye first album!

4 Star Rating

1. The Pledge (Intro)
2. We Are Sin
3. Pallium Mali
4. King of the Egoists
5. Into Obscurity
6. Thirst for God
7. Antichrist (SEPULTURA cover)
8. Storming Heaven
9. The Beckoning
Scott Briggs - Vocals, Guitars
Kelly McCoy - Lead Guitars
Chris Carver - Bass
David Snow - Drums
Record Label: Negative Earth Records


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