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Fornicus - Sulphuric Omnipotence

Sulphuric Omnipotence
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 06 August 2020, 4:22 AM

From time to time, many bands are misled due the inner conceptions of how a Metal genre must sound, creating a blockage to ideas to keep a paradigm alive. This isn’t the right path for the creation of music. Of course everyone is influenced by previous names, but you must work things out on your own way. And the North American duet FORNICUS seems to know this fact, because “Sulphuric Omnipotence” is a blast of aggressiveness, but tempered with personality.

Of course that influences from names as BLASPHEMY, SARCÓFAGO and others in such crude way into Black/Death Metal can be heard, but some touches from what EMPEROR did on its past (on “Wrath of the Tyrant” age) are presented as well (due the high pitched screams heard). It’s nothing really new, but as said above, the band shows its personality in the middle of this aggressive musical massacre, filled with very good arrangements and energy. The first idea when hearing the early seconds of “Perdition’s Guiding Wings” is that something crude beyond the right point is waiting for our ears. But even being raw and putrid, it’s nothing that can’t be understood easily. Of course that it could be better in many ways, but it’s good as it is.

9 torpedoes are presented on the album. And the nasty and blasting “Perdition’s Guiding Wings” (very good contrasts on the rhythm, what means that bass guitar and drums are working in a very good way), “Sulphuric Omnipotence” (it’s like EMPEROR on its Black Metal early age could play in a Death/Black Metal way, presenting good guitar riffs), “Vitriolic Proclamation” (because it’s short, the song reveal fast tempos in a massacre of shrieks and grunts), “Inexorable Pantheon of Death” (with some very good slow parts, with nasty and charming guitars), and the amazing energy of “Usurping the Throne” are the ones to blast your ears off.

Maybe FORNICUS can’t be considered the torchbearer for generations to come, but “Sulphuric Omnipotence” is a very good release, indeed.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Perdition’s Guiding Wings
2. Sulphuric Omnipotence
3. The Abhorrent Path
4. Vitriolic Proclamation
5. One Mass Grave
6. Stormwolves
7. Inexorable Pantheon of Death
8. Tempetuous Flames
9. Usurping the Throne
Chris Carver - Bass, Guitars
Scott Briggs - Guitars, Drums, Vocals
Record Label: Negative Earth Records


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