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Forsaken Eternity – A Kingdom of Ice

Forsaken Eternity
A Kingdom of Ice
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 16 August 2022, 11:33 AM

From their EPK, “Endlessly desolate, the jagged, frozen contours of the dead world stretch out into the darkness; empty and silent beneath the weak and pallid moon, its luster fading as the fires of the sun burn down to flickering embers and so much blackened dust. The distant, long extinguished stars look down upon the cold grandeur with their long forgotten, lifeless eyes and chart a world’s last steps into the night. A thousand civilizations, a million loves and a billion tragedies…countless moments of joy and pain, centuries of heartache, hope and faith, all slip like ragged ghosts into eternity, ashes on the wind.” The album contains eight tracks.

“Skyward” is the first. Described as “Symphonic Black Metal,” this is exactly as it sounds…a rousing plethora of instruments working together as one, under impossibly fast drums, and vocal screams. “A Dark Divinity” is a bit longer, but much like the previous song, especially in terms of its intensity. The vocal vary at times from screams, to gutturals, to even a bit of narration. “Shadow Fortress” begins with a slower groove and more noticeable melodic elements. But once it gets going, it leaves a trail of fire behind it that smokes you out. A slower section breaks out with a guitar solo.

“Endless Light” features more melodies in the opening sequence, and I like that the band gives them time to develop. They have established themselves as top notch musicians, and now it’s time to let the music breathe a bit. “Forsaken Eternity” is another song that begins with melodies. Some narration carries the story forward, followed by a healthy dose of keyboards. “Sonata Concertata” showcases the band’s command of Classical elements in their music. The melody sounds familiar but original at the same time. The title track is the lengthy one on the album. Opening with a commanding presence, it segues into another thick sound, rich with many instruments. The melodies are pretty well developed here also.

Yngwie Malmsteem’s “Rising Force” closes the album. It’s a personal take on the song, which heavy symphonic element and Black Metal vocals, or course. As with a lot of Symphonic Black Metal, it’s all about the raging intensity. The songs rarely slow from their death-rattling pace, and you are barely given time to breathe. But the melody that does develop is nice, and well-thought out. The production is also strong, something that gives the songs some clearness and ability to hear all the nuances. In the end, the band is right, everything we know will eventually slip to ashes in the wind. Give this album some time, and you won’t be disappointed.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Skyward
2. A Dark Divinity
3. Shadow Fortress
4. Endless Light
5. Forsaken Eternity
6. Sonata Concertata
7. A Kingdom of Ice
8. Rising Force
Nathan Mote – Vocals
Vladimore – Guitar/Bass
Jason ‘The Machine’ Borton – Drums
Brian Rush – Keyboards
Record Label: Rottweiler Records


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